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Four inspection items, take you to confirm whether liver fibrosis

The work pressure of modern office workers is very high, and they usually need to participate in various entertainment.When it comes to entertainment, it must be “advised” by fancy.I believe that some friends have a certain understanding that the organs that often drink and be easily hurt are the liver.Many people suffer from liver fibrosis caused by long -term drinking.For diseases, people often do not have enough understanding, and they rarely form a correct awareness of prevention.The following editors will lead you to understand the liver fibrosis and its inspection items.

What is liver fibrosis?

Liver fibrosis is not an independent disease, it is a pathological process.There will be many pathogenic factors on the liver of liver fibrosis patients, causing abnormal hyperplasia of the liver tissue.Liver damage will occur during the process of repairing liver fibrosis. If the toxins and pathogenic factors in the liver cannot be removed in time, liver fibrosis will turn into liver cirrhosis.At this time, the illness of the liver organs is very serious. If the cirrhosis is severe enough to be irreversible, it will threaten the patient’s life.

How to check liver fibrosis?

1. First of all, the patient needs to be checked by layer adhesive protein. If the test results are found to be less than 130 micrograms per liter, then it means that the liver has fibrosis.

2. The second inspection items are to check the III front collagen. This examination item mainly reflects the collagen synthesis in the patient III anterior liver.Under normal circumstances, if the value is less than 120 micrograms per liter, it means that hepatic fibrosis occurs.

3. The third inspection items are IV collagen indicators. If the normal value is less than 75 micrograms per liter, we must realize the existence of liver fibrosis.Educational value represents the higher the degree of liver fibrosis, and the higher value is that the value is the early liver fibrosis.

4. The last diagnosis of liver fibrosis is called hyaluronase. The normal value is less than 110 mg per liter and each liter means that the liver is mild fibrosis.

How to check liver fibrosis?The clinical diagnosis of hepatic fibrosis examination items have explained to you in the above article.I hope that everyone will no longer be “confused” in the face of liver fibrosis inspection projects.And some people who are usually entertaining and who like to drink should go to the hospital for examination.Try to discover liver fibrosis in the first time, and then receive targeted treatment.

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