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Four principles for the old man’s constipation medicine

For the elderly, constipation is easy to happen. The main manifestations are reduced defecation times, rare, and difficulty in defecation. No matter what kind of situation, the constipation is not conducive to the health of the elderly, and it will make the elderly upset and very painful. Many elderly people choose to use constipation medicine. When the elderly, the elderly must pay attention to four aspects when using laxatives.

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Four principles for the old man’s constipation medicine

1. Long -term use of a certain kind of laxative can cause dependence on laxatives and reduce the stress of the rectal mucosa. Once the drug is stopped, the normal excretion function is difficult to recover. Therefore, it is best to stop using laxatives after laxative, or alternately used with other urinary medicines.

2. Avoid irritating laxatives, such as rhubarb, lucky, and beymmar oil. Because such drugs have a guidance effect on the small intestine, if it can cause diarrhea, water loss, and potassium loss, causing metabolic disorders.

3. Do not take liquid paraffin for a long time. Taking this medicine for a long time will affect the absorption of fat -soluble vitamins and stimulate the proliferation of gastric and intestinal granulation tissue.

4. Elderly constipation patients should be cautiously used with sedatives that can inhibit gastrointestinal peristalsis, antibrokens (such as atropine, pillar, crickets, Prubonchi, etc.), and aluminum -containing agents, calcium preparations, and waiting for causes. Waiting for drugs, because the elderly are very sensitive to these drugs, they may induce or aggravate constipation after taking these drugs.

In addition, if the elderly have cardiac insufficiency, hypertension, intestinal obstruction, and bowel hemorrhage, irritating laxative phenolic phenol (fruit guidance) is prohibited.

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