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“Four steps” for baby diarrhea

Because the baby’s stomach is very fragile, if you are not careful, the baby may have diarrhea. And when the baby has such a phenomenon, as a mother, you must understand some nursing measures to relieve the baby in time to alleviate such a disease. So when it comes to relieving such a disease, what methods can be used?

1. Strictly observe the development of the baby’s condition

If the baby is irritable and aggravated, the door and eye sockets appear in the depression, tears when they cry, and look dry and dry, and when they pinch the skin on the inside of the thigh with their hands, and immediately let go of the skin folds, the skin folds flat for more than 2 seconds.

This situation shows that the baby’s body is dehydrated is heavier; or it has been treated at home for 3 days, but the condition has not improved, and frequent water samples occur. There are still very few symptoms such as fever and blood, so you need to take the baby to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment.

2. Replenish the loss of the body as early as possible

Many mothers are in a hurry to run to the hospital as long as the baby is diarrhea. In fact, at the beginning of diarrhea, the baby was mostly mild dehydration. As long as you are under the guidance of a doctor, you can treat it at home. This is both in time and convenient, but also reduces a lot of unnecessary trouble, which is very beneficial to the baby’s condition.

So, the first thing mother must do is to determine whether the baby is mild dehydration. Babies with mild dehydration have thirst, their lips are slightly dry, urine is less than usual, the color is yellow, and it shows irritability and crying.

Mom can choose one of the following types of fluid: use homemade sugar and salt water, that is, add 1.75 grams of salt and 10 grams of sugar to 5000 ml of warm water, 1.75 grams of salt salt equivalent to half of the beer bottle cap, 10 grams of sugar is equivalent to 2 small spoons; use homemade rice soup and salt liquid supplement, that is, add 1.75 grams of refined salt at 500 ml of temperature boiling water; With the dry powder, use the instructions to be matched with liquid.

Then, in the first 4 hours, the baby’s weight was given 20 to 40 ml of liquid per kilogram. Since then, you can take orally and drink how much you can drink. Babies under the age of 2 can feed a small spoon every 1 to 2 minutes, and the larger baby can drink with a small cup. If the baby vomits, it will be fed slowly after 10 minutes. Once the baby appears edema, it indicates that the fluid should be excessive, and it should be temporarily drinking boiled water or breast milk.

Love Tips: Do not add the ORS salt salt to milk, rice soup, fruit juice or other beverages, and after the instructions are prepared, you cannot add sugar to it, otherwise it will affect the replenishment effect.

3. Give your baby rich food to prevent malnutrition

Traditional diarrhea treatment methods advocate allowing children to fast for a period of time. However, such a nutritional supplement to the body is prone to malnutrition. At present, do not let babies fast, but they need to follow the principle of a small amount of meals and eat at least 6 times a day.

Breast -fed babies continue to eat breast milk, but the mother’s diet is lower, otherwise the diarrhea will increase; the baby feeding artificially within 6 months can drink milk at the same time; Babies can eat some digestible foods, such as porridge, rotten noodles, minced fish, a small amount of vegetable puree, fresh water juice or banana mud, until the diarrhea stops 2 weeks.

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Fourth, take care of the baby’s little fart

Because the number of defecations of the baby has increased a lot, it will constantly pollute the little fart. Moreover, the stool excreted during diarrhea stimulates the skin. Therefore, every time the baby defecates, the mother must use warm water to clean the small fart, especially pay attention to the cleaning of the anus and the perineum. Essence If the little fart is red, it should be exposed to the air naturally, and then apply some diaper rash cream.

(Editor in charge: Zhao Yuanyuan Intern editor: Liu Fu Xiaoyun)

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