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Four tricks to judge the problem of hunger and full newborn baby

Moms and dads, if you only judge whether the baby is full from the length of the baby’s milk time, it is incorrect. Because some babies continue to suck for 10 minutes or longer after sucking milk, and some babies just like to suck and play. He couldn’t accurately judge whether he was hungry from the baby’s crying, because babies often cried for other reasons. So how do you know if your baby is full? Come on, I have four tricks to tell you!

Generally speaking, the baby’s hunger and fullness can be judged from the following four moves:

First trick: Look at weight

It is more reliable to judge whether the baby is full with the weight gain and daily behavior. If the baby is good -looking and emotional, and the weight increases day by day, it means that the baby is full; if the baby’s weight grows slowly for a long time, and the possibility of suffering from a certain disease is excluded, it means that when the baby is full Not full.

Second trick: Listen to crying

When breastfeeding, the baby did not leave the breast for a long time. After breastfeeding, the baby cried. This is his performance.

The third trick: look at the way of breastfeeding

The baby can sleep quietly after eating milk, and it was not a little crying until the next time it was eaten. Or sometimes he took a while, and he spit out his nipples and cried, and he did not increase weight. This is a manifestation of the baby who can’t eat enough.

If you are very strenuous when you eat milk, you fall asleep shortly after sucking, wake up and cry in less than 1 to 2 hours, or sometimes sucking milk.

The fourth trick: watch the bowel movement

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Stool is abnormal, constipation and diarrhea occur. Normal stool should be yellow ointment. When the milk is insufficient, the stool will have a secret, thin, green or the number of times, and the amount of displacement is small each time. This is a manifestation of the baby who can’t eat enough.

The new father and new mother, the first father and mother are definitely not easy. The joy is in my heart, and the baby’s heart is also worried. I will take everyone to learn, I hope to give you some help!

(Intern editor: Liu Yinying)

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