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Four types of Chinese medicine therapy for impotence

Impotence refers to impotence refers to the dysfunction of a male penile erectile dysfunction. It is manifested by men who cannot erected or erected or erected without sexual intercourse. In reality, many men are troubled by the disease of impotence and are difficult to enlighten. In addition to going to the hospital for treatment, some people also try to use traditional Chinese medicine methods to treat.

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According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine theory, impotence is related to the three classics of liver, kidney, and Yangming. The pathogenesis can be divided into four categories:

1. Life door fire decay: This symptom is mostly sexual intercourse, or long -term masturbation leads to the deficiency of qi, fate firing, mostly mental deficiency, soft waist and knees, frequent nighturicuria and shortness of symptoms.

Optional: Three whip wine

Efficacy: nourish liver and kidney, nourish blood and yang.

Method: Take 50g of beef whip, 25g of sheep whip, 25g of dog whip into thin slices, wash water, dry at 50-60 ° C at low temperature, and crushed the crickets 18g, angelica 60g, white peony 60g, ceiling 60g, and 60g of licorice into coarse powder. Put the soaking cylinder; take the right amount of rock sugar in an appropriate amount of liquor, add the above cylinder, be closed, soak for 45 to 60 days, take the liquid and make 1000ml, static, filter, pack, and get.

2. Heart and temper deficiency: This symptom is mostly due to the excessiveness of depression and the heart and spleen, which leads to qi and blood deficiency.

Optional: Guipi Pills, Bazhen Pills, Shiquan Datong Pills, Ginseng Guipi Pills, Ginseng Yangura Pills, Ginseng Qi Decoshi and so on.

3. Farming and hurting the kidneys: This symptom is mostly caused by timidity and doubt, weakness, and fear of stunning during sex.

Governance: Yi kidney Ning Shen.

Optional: acupuncture therapy

Method: The tip of the middle pole acupuncture point is diagonally stabbed downwards, and strives to conduct a sense of acupuncture. Times 髎 uses the 65 ° horn to combine the pubic bone deep thorns, and strives to conduct a sense of acupuncture to conduct.

4. Wet and heat betting: This symptoms are mostly due to poor emotion, liver qi stagnation, and dampness of heat. It is more common to be irritable, testes pain, short urine, and soreness in the lower limbs.

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Governance: Clear heat and humidity.

Oas available: add flavor Er Miao San

Method: 10g of stir -fried osteosoplastics, 5G cork and cypress, cinnamon 2g (back), Pinellia 10g, Main South Star 10g, 5g of Boys Board, Shimu Pu 10g, Golden Sakurazi 12g, Glutter 11g, 煅 oyster 25g, (fried first), (first fried), (fry first), (fry first), (fry first), (first fried), (fry first), (fry first), Lotus 10g, snake bed 10g, asarum 2g. Decoction, 1 dose daily, 15 days for L treatment.

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