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Four types of drugs will make your skin black

Summer is here. Many women have exhausted various methods for whitening. Of course, whitening is important, but Xiaobian can tell you that you should pay attention to skin medication. They may make your skin darker!

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Four types of drugs will make your skin black

Hormone ointment. Cortic hormone ointments such as long -term external pine can easily cause pigmentation, and it is difficult to fade, affecting beauty. Pay attention to the dosage when using this type of ointment. Generally, apply a thin layer. At the same time, such ointments should be used to use such ointments on the face, and the use time should also be obeyed.

Acne. Minonps has a better effect on medium and severe inflammatory acne and is used to treat facial acne. However, after long -term use, skin pigmentation will appear, which can be limited to blue -gray or blue and black. The skin used to treat acne is easily red and fever at the beginning of the skin, which is generally relieved within 3 to 7 days. If the medicine is used during the day, it is stimulated by the sun, the red heat sensation will be enhanced, and symptoms such as peeling may occur in severe cases, which may darker the skin tone.

Oral contraceptive pill. Contraceptives can cause changes in hormone levels in the body, which can promote increased melanocyte activity, increase melanin, and appear pigmentation, which shows melasma. The general symptoms start from 1 to 20 months after taking the medicine, and it can gradually subscribe after stopping the medicine.

Anti -tuberculosis medicine. Pigmentation caused by pyrramamide, one month after taking the medicine, it can appear one month after taking the medicine. The occurrence of the area is mostly on the neck neck and the back of the hand, that is, the sunlight, the face is mostly freckles or small slices. Black spotted sliced. Generally, 2 months after stopping the medicine, it can slowly and naturally retreat.

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