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Frequently disease experts of asthma into pediatrics: Pay attention to children’s health starting from these eight o’clock

Guide experts in this article:

Liu Lixiao: Chief physician, doctor of medicine, master’s tutor, has been engaged in the first -tier clinical work of pediatrics for more than 30 years, accumulated rich clinical experience, master the diagnosis and treatment of common pediatric diseases, multiple onset, and difficult diseases. Pediatric hematological treatment.

Outpatient time: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday morning.

廖炀:副主任医师,医学硕士,从事儿科临床工作近20年,业务主攻儿童消化系统疾病,尤其擅长儿童慢性腹泻、儿童慢性胃炎、消化道出血、消化道溃疡、儿童便秘、功能性腹痛、 Children’s food allergies, Helicobacter pylori infection and other diseases.

Outpatient time: Monday, Tuesday morning, Thursday all day.

Curchia asthma is one of the common respiratory diseases in pediatrics. At present, bronchial asthma is believed to be a chronic inflammatory disease with chronic airway.

Asthma can occur in infants, children, adults, or any age, but more childhood. This is because on the one hand, the children’s airway is very delicate. The small stimulation of the outside world can cause airway stenosis, such as special gases, cold air, etc.; On the other hand, due to genetic factors. Although some parents themselves do not have asthma, they may have other allergic diseases, such as skin allergies. These allergies are passed on to the next generation, so that the baby has allergies and prone to asthma.

Therefore, paying attention to children’s asthma starts from details.

For example, the indoor air is flowing fresh, without dust and smoke. Avoid flowers, grass, carpets, etc. indoors. The bedding is dry and wet. Avoid contact with irritating gases during outdoor activities, avoid cold wind stimulation, wearing masks or scarves. Participate in appropriate exercise according to the condition, and the principle of not having a sense of burden is. Stay in bed during acute attacks to avoid excessive activity and aggravate the condition.

In addition, when patients with asthma patients are acute, it is better to eat or semi -current. It is better to eat and eat less and not be full. Patients with acute seizures should pay attention to replenishing water due to sweating a lot. Fish, shrimp, crab, eggs, and milk, allergic asthma patients should pay attention to avoid eating such foods.

Patients know that as long as they actively cooperate with treatment and persist in treatment, asthma can achieve clinical cure, obtain the cooperation of patients’ family members, and create a loose treatment environment for children.

Not only that, children with asthma need to do the following 8 points in daily life:

1. Avoid contact with known allergens and irritating gases and dust.

2. Pay attention to the changes in climate, especially the mutations of temperature, humidity, and air pressure. Timely increase or decrease clothes to prevent cold and cause upper respiratory tract infections.

3. Learn to detect changes in the condition and emergency treatment measures during acute seizures. Carrying the bronchial extension with you when going out

4. Applying outdoor activity during asthma relief period, the intensity is preferably to tolerate the body.

5. Perform abdominal breathing during asthma relief to improve the difficulty of breathing breathing.

6. Drug guidance: Guide patients to strictly grasp the amount of medication, do not stop the drug without authorization; use various atomized agents correctly. When the bronchial dilation agent and anti -inflammatory atomizer are used at the same time, they should first inhale the bronchial dilated agent and use an anti -inflammatory fog agent. The two should be 3 minutes interval.

7. Self -care guidance: Dietary, rich nutrition, eat more vegetables and foods rich in vitamin C.

8. Species of emergency disposal: immediately call for help to the emergency center, quickly take out and use oxygen -absorbing bottles to suck oxygen by nasal duct or mask at a traffic of 3L per minute. Ning, 2-4mg each time. Quickly escort the patient to take the hospital.

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