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Fried chicken and soy milk are the “culprit” of precocious puberty?I don’t want children to be sexually precocious, these 3 -like things

Recently, “Frontier in Endocrinology” published a research results on the team led by the team led by the Shanghai Children’s Medical Center Wang Xiumin, which was led by the team of Shanghai Children’s Medical Center. The consultation rate increased significantly.

The reason is related to the children who eat too much and move less during this period, resulting in too fast weight growth.

Many people may not care about precocious puberty, in fact it is not far from children.

1. How many children have been “destroyed” in sexual precocity?

Lingling is a 8 -year -old child. Last year, she was soaring as almost 10cm. To this end, Lingling’s parents were very pleased and felt that according to this trend, Lingling would definitely not follow them, she was a short man. Unfortunately, Lingling’s height this year has only 2cm, and menstruation has arrived, so his parents took Lingling to check in time. It was found that Lingling was 140 cm tall and her breasts had developed. The age of bone age was 12.5 years old (the actual age is nearly 4 years old, and there is basically no intervention after 13 years old). Typical development is premature. It is set, and the maximum will not exceed 150cm.

Coincidentally, the 13 -year -old boy was Songsong, with a height of 157cm. He has entered a sound change period. The testicular volume of 20ml has occurred. Slow, and their own genes are here (Dad 185 cm, mother 160 cm), the child will definitely not be short, but one year, the same is the same, so the parents are a little anxious. When I go to the hospital There is no room for growth.

This is just the “corner of the iceberg” of the precocious puberty. There are tens of thousands of children who are “stabbed” by precocious puberty. According to relevant data, about 530,000 children in my country suffer from precocious puberty and have severe forms. The precocious puberty has stopped the child from growing early, and many children have a huge negative emotional pressure. Therefore, we need to attach enough attention to precocious puberty.

When it comes to the cause of precocious precociousness, the first diet cannot be removed.

Second, fried chicken and soy milk are the “culprit” of precocious puberty?

When it comes to diet, the most rumored is fried chicken and soy milk. Some people think that these two types of foods contain hormones, which are the “culprit” that leads to precocious precocious precocious. So, is this true?

Soymilk does contain a kind of estrogen called soy isoflavones, but this hormone is not the other hormone. This hormone and estrogen are only similar to the molecular structure, but the human body does not absorb it as estrogen. It will induce puberty.

And fried chicken, many people think that raw materials (chickens itself) will use hormones, but in fact, the price of hormones is not cheap. If you use the growing speed, you can have a fast meat chicken. many. Therefore, don’t worry about hormones. However, it is important to note that the fat content in fried chicken is relatively high. It is often eaten, easy to gain weight, and is not good for health.

Therefore, don’t be “brought” by the rumor.

3. These three reasons are the “culprit” of precocious puberty

Speaking of the “culprit” of precocious precocity, these three major reasons have played a key role, such as obesity. There are many fat cells in such people, and it has the effect of secreting estrogen, which can cause excessive estrogen secretion, and then Stimulate the hypertrophy of the hypothalamic -pituitary -gland axis, which eventually leads to precocious prematureness.

Endocrine interference is also an element that cannot be ignored, such as degradation products of detergent -reinophenol, synthetic resin ingredients -bisphenol A, etc. After being absorbed by the human body , Resulting in precocious puberty; there are film and television and literary works that have premature contact with adult themes, which will also easily induce children’s precocious puberty. Two more words here. Some parents now give their children a mobile phone directly to save their children. Sometimes entering bad advertising pages by mistake, it also has a significant impact on children’s physical and mental health and cognition.

Therefore, parents and friends must pay attention to these reasons that can induce puberty and pay attention to avoidance.

Fourth, I don’t want children to sex precocious, these 3 things are less touching

In addition, if you want to prevent early maturity of children, there are 3 things, which can avoid it.

1. Plastic

For example, some pseudo -plastic toys may add plasticizers such as phthalamic acid fats. This plasticizer can reach the human body with the respiratory tract, digestive tract and other channels, and eventually induce puberty. Pay attention to avoid.

2. Drink

For the reasons such as taste, such drinks will add a lot of sugar, and intake of high sugar can quickly increase the blood glucose level of the human body, and then increase the level of growth hormone, eventually increase the level of sex hormone, and increase the risk of precocious precocity. So don’t give your children milk tea and carbonated drinks.

3. Nutrition

With the improvement of living standards, many parents will pay more attention to their children’s nutritional conditions. Therefore, some parents will prepare children with various promotions such as Cordyceps sinensis, bird’s nest, ginseng bee, bee lactation, Shuangbao Su, western ginseng oral medication and other promotion. Height development and nutritional health products, do not know that the child’s physical development should have its own laws and rhythm. In this way, blindly supplementation can easily lead to excess nutrition of the child, allow children to eat a lot of hormones, cause hormone secretion disorders, and eventually induce premature premature maturity Essence

Summary: Early maturity has a significant impact on the physical and mental health of children. Therefore, I hope that all parents can pay attention to the development of precocious puberty in the child. Once the problem is found, take the child to the hospital for examination, diagnose and treat,smarter.Reference materials:

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