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Gastric cancer is young, does it have anything to do with “eating”?Reminder: 2 diet habits or recruit cancer

Ms. Liu is 32 years old. She is usually clean and clean. But somehow, starting half a year ago, Miss Liu frequently had bad breath. Even if she brushed her teeth carefully every day, pay attention not to eat heavy taste foods, the oral odor still exists, making her social life very embarrassing. In addition, in addition to bad breath, Miss Liu also gradually experienced symptoms such as loss of appetite, decreased weight, and upper abdominal pain.

My friend reminded her: “Go to the doctor if you are uncomfortable. Don’t drag all the time.

Ms. Liu heard the suggestion and went to the hospital to check the Department of Gastroenterology. As a result, she was finally diagnosed with gastric cancer. The above -mentioned series of physical abnormalities was actually the “early warning signal” of cancer.

1. Young gastric cancer is young, alert to “cancer from the mouth”

In recent years, the trend of younger gastric cancer has become more and more obvious. According to data in 2020, the number of new gastric cancers in my country each year is 680,000, 500,000 deaths, and the number of deaths is the world’s number one. Among them, the incidence of gastric cancer in young people from 19 to 35 flipped more than 30 years ago. The proportion of gastric cancer under the age of 35 accounted for 6%-11%of the total number of patients.

Why are young people who are easily stared at gastric cancer? In fact, a large reason is related to “eating”. Modern young people have a lot of life and work pressure, and they are prone to irregular diet, and this often allows “cancer to enter the mouth.”

Among them, long -term high -salt diet is one of the high -risk causes of gastric cancer. The reason is that the penetration pressure of salt is high, and high -salt food will cause direct damage to the gastric mucosa, causing the gastric mucosa to spread the blood, edema, erosion, ulcer, etc., and a series of changes have occurred. High -salt diet can also stimulate gastric mucosa, make gastric mucosal cells often split, and increase the chance of forming gastric cancer.

In addition, long -term irregular diet may induce cancer. Irregular diet is usually manifested as dysfunction, gobbling, and overeating. This kind of dietary habit can stimulate and indigestion disorders of gastrointestinal tract can cause physical or chemical damage to the gastric mucosa to varying degrees, and even cause gastric secretion disorders, thereby reducing the protective effect of gastric mucosa, and can stimulate carcinogenic factor The emergence of carcinogenic substances carcinogenic risk.

In addition, the high -risk causes of gastric cancer include long -term smoking and drinking, like fried, smoked, pickled foods, or excessive pressure of long -term pressure will cause damage to the stomach and increase the risk of gastric cancer. Everyone must pay attention to prevention.

Second, bad breath+weight loss, pay attention to gastric cancer signal

The clinical symptoms of gastric cancer often have no specificity. The early symptoms of gastric cancer are similar to the symptoms of benign diseases such as chronic gastritis, gastric ulcers, and gastric polyps. In addition, early gastric cancer patients often have no symptoms of discomfort. Therefore, the patients often appear clinically when the tumor develops to a certain stage. symptom.

1. bad breath

Why is the odor signal of gastric cancer? The answer is related to pylori infection. Helicobacter pylori survives in plaque, diaphrase enzymes, and then break down ammonia produced by urea. When the content of ammonia rises, the smell will diffuse from the mouth to cause bitterness and bad breath. Helicobacter pylori is one of the carcinogens of gastric cancer recognized by the world. Therefore, when the taste of the oral cavity is becoming more and more severe and cannot be relieved for a long time, we must be alert to the possibility of gastric cancer.

2. Decreased weight

During the development of gastric cancer, because the gastric function will decrease with the changes in the condition, patients will be greatly affected in their diet, and they are prone to symptoms such as loss of appetite, diarrhea, and fatigue. The weight loss is obvious, and the patients quickly lose weight in a short period of time.

3. Abnormal pain in the upper abdomen

Pain is one of the most common clinical symptoms of gastric cancer in progress. Abdominal pain can be tough and slow, starting only for the upper abdomen fullness and discomfort. Remove after the agent. Pain generally has no regularity, and continuity is aggravated.

4, black stool

When the nutritional supply of the human body cannot keep up with the growth rate of the tumor, the tumor will cause partial necrosis due to lack of nutrition, which will cause rupture and bleeding. Early symptoms of gastric cancer bleeding are not obvious enough. These blood will be discharged with the intestine, because the blood contains iron, which will form iron sulfide, which will cause patients to have a black stool.

Starting from gastric cancer, we must first pay attention to your stomach. If the stomach is discomfort, after the treatment of internal medicine, it will not improve or take the oral medication by yourself. Check the gastroscopy in time. However, considering that some patients have fear of gastroscopy, other screening methods can also be tried. For example, in some of the gastric cancer screening points in Shanghai, the subject only needs to take the ultrasound to make an ultrasound and do a non -invasive abdominal ultrasound to complete the first screen of gastric cancer.

Third, reminder: Chronic atrophic gastritis risk of cancer

Today, the age of the onset of gastric cancer is gradually younger, and more and more young people have become victims of gastric cancer. From the perspective of young gastric cancer patients, most of them have a history of gastric disease. Although many people’s stomach pain is general gastritis, there are not a few that eventually develop gastric cancer.

Chronic atrophic gastritis is a type of chronic gastritis. Gastroscopy tips: The inherent gastric gastric membranes with limited or extensive gastric mucosa atrophic, accompanied by inflammatory reactions or intestinal epithelium, unprecedented hyperplasia. With the increase of age, the incidence rate also increases, the longer the course of the disease, and the heavier the degree of lesions. If the chronic atrophic gastritis is combined with incomplete colonized intestinal epithelial or medium and severe hyperplasia, it is called the preliminary lesion of the gastric cancer. For patients with atrophic gastritis, the key is to take the gastroscopy clinic. You can do gastroscopy once from 3 months to half a year, and dynamically observe intragensal changes, such as atrophic gastritis combined with intestinal epithelium, which worsen in the short term (2 ~ within 3 months) Considering surgical treatment. According to reports, about 6 % of chronic atrophic gastritis and intestinal epithelialization may develop into gastric cancer, so people should be vigilant, and they must follow the clinic regularly to strive to discover early and early treatment.

At present, the main factors of the rapid increase of gastric cancer in China have shown a trend of youthful gastric cancer patients in Mainland China, which leads to the rapid increase in the incidence of gastric cancer in my country: unreasonable diets, non -leaving tobacco and alcohol, high work and living pressure, and so on. For the prevention and control of gastric cancer, the most important thing is to develop healthy living habits. The doctor reminds you that everyone must adhere to the regular schedule, regular meals, and practice the meal system; adhere to the exercise, and strive to create a wonderful state of mind when maintaining a good physical condition.

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