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Global Bandwastening Japan U.S. Centers for Disease Control to teach you to wash your hands like this

October 15th is a global wash day. Keeping both hands cleaning is one of the best ways to prevent infection and disease transmission. But to wash your hands, just flush it with water. Washing your hands correctly can effectively prevent the disease. Do you know how to wash your hands correctly?

“Four front and eight” to wash your hands

What are the time to wash your hands? Remember this “four front and eight”.

全球洗手日 美国疾控中心教你这样洗手

Four before: Before preparing food; before eating; before taking care of the patient; before treating or treatment of wounds.

After eight: After preparing food; after taking care of the patient; after treatment or treatment of the wound; after going to the toilet; after changing diapers or taking care of the child to the toilet; after a snot, cough or sneezing; After the garbage.

Remember the “six -step washing method” in mind correctly

Step 1: Wet your hands with clean flowing water;

Step 2: Apply soap with both hands;

Step 3: Rubbing the palms of both hands to produce a rich foam;

Step 4: Rub with your hands for 20 seconds to ensure that your wrist, back, fingers, and nails are washed;

Step 5: Rinse the foam on the hand with flowing water;

Step 6: Use a paper towel or towel to dry your hands, or blow dry your hands with a hot fan.

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How to wash your hands without soap and water?

Washing hands with soap and water is the best way to eliminate bacteria. If there is no water and soap, you can use alcohol (more than 60%of alcohol) free washing handwashing solution. This kind of hand washing solution can quickly reduce the bacteria on the hand, but it does not eliminate all types of bacteria.

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