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Global children are too bad

Experts interviewed:

Sun Hongyan, Director of the Institute of Child and Children’s Research Center of China Youth Research Center

Xiao Zhenyu, Director of the Evaluation Department of the Institute of Psychological Health Promotion Center of the Institute of Psychological Health of the Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Han Ping, deputy director of the Institute of Health Management, China Health Promotion Foundation

The health of adolescents is related to the future of the country, but the current situation of all countries is worrying. The British Young People Health Association recently issued a warning that children aged aged 10 to 24 years old have become increasingly serious, lack of exercise, smoking, and mental health, and will become the “timing bomb” of future medical care. Coincidentally, obesity spreads among American teenagers like epidemics, which may pose a threat to its future military and national defense security. Sun Hongyan, director of the China Youth Research Center of the China Youth Research Center, told reporters that the situation in my country is not optimistic, and the health level of young people is urgent.

Healthy headache for adolescents in the world

This report in the UK shows that 1/5 middle school students are in a state of obesity; children aged 11-18 years old are 8 times the recommended amount of sugar daily; 46%of 15 -year -old adolescents have tooth decay; young people aged 16 to 25 years old 60%infected the chlamydia; 95%of the smokers had smoking before the age of 25; among young people under 19 years old, 10%have psychological problems, but only 18 ‰ have been treated. British children’s health experts and main authors of the report warned that young people’s health has become a “timing bomb” of the British national health service system.

The latest data of the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also shows that the rate of obesity in high school students is as high as 14%, which has led to police, troops, fire institutions, etc. into the predicament of troops. The newly released research report released by the “Power of the United States” shows that in Colorado, about 26.5%of young people do not meet the standards of consignment due to excess weight. Michael Cook, director of Colorado, said that although the physical fitness requirements of different institutions have different physical fitness requirements, the body fat rate cannot be too high is recognized. For example, young men aged 17 to 20 should not exceed 20%, and women should be less than 30%, otherwise it will become a burden on the team. “Although the study mainly evaluates the health of young people based on the standard of recruitment, it is of widespread significance and warn people to pay attention to health from an early age.”

In October 2016, the China Youth Research Center released “From the” post -90s “to the” post -00s “: a survey report on the development status of Chinese children and children”, which exposed the general health problems of young people in my country. First, the amount of exercise is generally insufficient. The survey shows that the “post -00s” and “post -90s” who like to play in the spare time account for 34.2%and 32.0%, respectively. In the most popular leisure activities, play only ranked sixth, listening to music, watching TV and other audio -visuals, etc. After entertainment. Second, the sleep time is squeezed. The “post -00s” sleeping time of the study date is as high as 57.0%, an increase of 6.2%from the “post -90s”; 34.5%of sleeping during the rest day is less than 9 hours, 1.7%more than the “post -90s”. Third, lack of campus security. The survey showed that 23.0%of the “post -00s” felt that the campus was not safe enough. Among them, junior high school students and family economic difficulties are even worse. Sun Hongyan is one of the main authors of this report. In her opinion, the health level of Chinese teenagers in diet, exercise, psychology, etc. still needs to be improved. Young people do not pay attention to their own health.

Five major issues cannot be ignored

The formation of many chronic diseases can be traced back to childhood. The latest journal of “Harvard Business Review”, poor childhood health, will increase the prevalence of psychological diseases and chronic diseases after adulthood. To do a good job of health management in childhood is the key to preventing chronic diseases and improving the health level of the people.

Chronic diseases are the main reason for the death of residents in my country. The number of people who died in cities and rural areas due to chronic diseases accounted for 85.3%and 79.5%of the total number of deaths, respectively. The World Health Organization survey shows that 60%of chronic diseases depend on lifestyle. Unreasonable meals, insufficient exercise, smoking and alcoholism are the four major risk factors of chronic diseases. Sun Hongyan believes that these four factors are also the key to managing the health of young people, and at the same time, the mental health of young people cannot be ignored.

The diet is unreasonable. At present, Chinese teenagers have the phenomenon of malnutrition and excess nutrition. Statistics show that the growth rate and weight loss rate of children and adolescents in my country are 3.2%and 9.0%, respectively, while the overweight rate of children aged 6-17 is 9.6%, and the obesity rate is 6.4%. Sun Hongyan said that according to the survey in recent years, the bad eating habits of Chinese youth groups are mainly concentrated in three aspects. First, more and more teenagers do not eat breakfast for reasons for fear of trouble and fatness. Second, many teenagers choose to eat on the roadside stalls. The food hygiene and nutrition of these places are worrying. Third, snacks eat too much, especially non -hygienic and nutritious snacks such as spicy strips.

Insufficient exercise. The amount of exercise is related to the growth of adolescents and a lifetime happiness. Studies have shown that there will be different degrees of problems in the aspects of physical form and functional quality: 30%of teenagers will develop into obese people, and the chance of obesity after adulthood is twice that of sufficient exercise; Wave, the average number of days of illness is more than one week than those who exercise.

Smoking and alcohol. Peter Zhuo Shi, a doctor of Population Health and Information at the University of Edinburgh, the University of Edinburgh, said that smoking is greatly harmful to youth’s health. If you suck a pack of cigarettes a day, your life will be reduced by 7 years. Education helps young people to understand the harm of unhealthy living habits such as smoking and alcoholism. Each training course for 1 year, the expected life expectancy increases by 11 months. Psychological health issues. Xiao Zhenyu, director of the Evaluation Department of the Psychological Health Promotion Center of the Institute of Psychological Health of the Institute of Psychology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, told the reporter of Life Times that due to adolescence hormone changes, learning pressure, etc., young people are more likely to have emotional problems such as anxiety and depression. Interpersonal relationships are worse, and they are more vulnerable to psychological diseases after adulthood. Sun Hongyan said that a large part of teenagers did not realize that mental health is also an important part of health.

Improve the health level of adolescents is urgent

The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China once again emphasized the importance of implementing a healthy China strategy. “Junior strong is strong”, adolescents are the future and hope of a country, and we must pay attention to their health issues. Sun Hongyan believes that improving the health level of young people is a systematic project. In addition to improving national health policies, all parties need to work together.

First, parents are examples. The family is the first position of the “life education” of adolescents. Parents’ rumors help children develop healthy living habits from an early age. Han Ping, deputy director of the Institute of Health Management of the China Health Promotion Foundation, told reporters that his mother is an important role of family health education. A wise mother can often create a healthy family. If the mother can drive family members to abandon bad living habits, they can manage the health of the family.

Second, the school strengthen education. The school’s health education is recognized as an effective strategy to improve the health of children and adolescents, and is an investment in future human health. Sun Hongyan said that compared with the momentary performance of the academic performance, health will affect the child’s life. It is recommended to include students’ health in the school assessment indicators.

The successful case of Japanese school health education is worth learning. The joint study of Xi’an Institute of Physical Education and Osaka Sports University in Japan showed that after World War II, the Japanese government increased investment in enhancing students ‘health, such as attaching importance to diet nutrition, implementing school lunch systems, strengthening students’ dietary education, and formulating the laws of training for young people. In 25 years, the height of Japanese children and adolescents increased an average of 10 cm.

Third, the media is actively guiding. Studies from the Gazel Medical College of Dartmouth College in the United States show that from 1996 to 2015, 87%of the top 100 films in the national box office rankings include drinking or encouraging drinking scenes, which may cause young people to reduce the age of drinking for the first time. Increase the amount of drinking. In 1998, the United States issued relevant regulations to regulate the scenes involving bad living habits in the film. In order to prevent children from spreading, the British banned television stations from playing “junk food” advertisements at 18-11 o’clock. Sun Hongyan said that the “screen” occupies a longer and longer time for children, and the value judgment, food selection, and leisure methods of adolescents are vulnerable to it. Therefore, the media calls on the media to filter information that is not good for young people.

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