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Going upstairs and going downstairs to hurt your body?

Experts explained that when the stairs are down the stairs, the load of the lower limbs increases, repeatedly repeated this action, and the direct force of the joints such as knees and ankles also increases.Therefore, the people have the saying that “go upstairs to fitness and go downstairs to hurt the body”.In fact, when climbing stairs, the pressure and wear of joint cartilage and half -moon plates are objective, but do not waste food due to sorrow. Scientific exercise can indeed make the legs and feet more and more active.So, what should I pay attention to when crawling stairs?

To crawl the stairs, we must first combine your actual situation.Middle -aged and elderly people have varying degrees of osteoporosis, especially those who are compared with obese and lung diseases, and the overall activities are not very coordinated. The intensity of joints on the joints is more likely to occur.Therefore, these people must master the principle of “step -by -step”, don’t rush to seek fast, and use a large amount of exercise at the beginning.

At the beginning of the exercise, the principle of slow exercise should be taken.After persisting in exercise for a period of time (usually at least 2 to 3 months), it can gradually speed up the speed or extend the time, but it should not be too severe, otherwise it will increase the burden on the heart and lungs.During the exercise process, if chest tightness and palpitations are sweaty and joint soreness, and even symptoms of joint swelling discomfort should occur immediately, exercise should be stopped immediately.

It is important to explain here that people with old lower limbs, hip, knees, ankle and other joints (for example: people with fractures and main ligaments in two years) should be cautious to crawl the stairs, and they must master correctly.Exercise method.Because at this time, the strength and coordination of both lower limbs will be weakened to varying degrees. Once they fall, roll off, or sprain, the consequences of damage are often serious again, which is common in orthopedic clinical practice.

When going downstairs, in order to prevent falling, the front foot should be on the ground, and then transition to the full foot to cushion the pressure of the knee joint.Before exercise activities, warm -up activities should be carried out for the knee and ankle joints to avoid inconsistency of joint activity.Usually, it is best to do exercises such as squatting, standing, etc., so that the joints are fully exercised to prevent stiffness and rigidity at the beginning of the exercise.As long as you pay attention to these principles, crawling stairs is indeed a very good fitness method for middle -aged and elderly people.

(Editor in charge: Chen Shaopeng Intern Editor: Li Ziyan)

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