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Gonghan girl has 6 characteristics!A black chicken soup, the warm palace drives cold

The term Gong Han, I believe everyone is no stranger. Traditional Chinese medicine classics generally believe that women’s palace Han means the invasion of the human body and even the uterus.

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Once a woman has a palace cold, her body will also be affected by a lot of influence. It will also be blocked!

Therefore, knowing if you belong to the physique of Gonghan, condition the body as soon as possible, and bidding farewell to Gong Han is especially important!

Self -test: There are more than 3 features below, you are “Gong Han Girl”

1. The face is dark yellow

Gong Han’s face is dark yellow, there is no gloss, and the skin may be relatively rough. If the liver and kidney are deficient, the color spots and “panda eyes” will grow faster than their peers.

2. Menstruation abnormalities

The uterus is cold, and menstruation will naturally be affected. Gonghan women often have dysmenorrhea and irregular menstruation. The color of menstrual blood is usually dark.

3, leucorrhea thin

Normal leucorrhea is egg white -like or white. There will be more leucorrhea in Gonghan Girls. It may have a smell or other strange flavor.

4. Not high sexual interest

Gong Han’s girls are not enthusiastic about sex, which may affect sex and happiness.

5. Cold hands and feet

The uterus is very important for women. Gonghan women will have a soft back and cold legs and cold hands and feet. Usually they can’t afford the spirit, and it is difficult to concentrate at work.

6. Difficulty

The cold uterus may not be a good place for life, so most of the women in the palace cold women have not moved for a long time.

A black chicken soup, the warm palace drives cold

Since Gong Han is so harmful, then women who know that Gonghan must pay attention to conditioning. If you want to treat the cold -conditioning of the palace, in addition to touching cold food and reasonable exercise, the warm meridian Tongluo is also the foundation of conditioning. Gonghan women can take some Chinese medicines that nourish qi and blood after menstruation, such as angelica, red dates, black chickens, jujube kernels and chicken blood vines. Fairy who loves cooking can make foods, ginger vinegar eggs and other foods, which are delicious and warm.

However, the most recommended by Xiaobian is the warm palace medicated diet that Chinese medicine practitioners secretly disclosed: the brief answer is good, the black chicken red dates soup. The method is also very simple. The warm palace soup of one person only needs to put half a pound of black chicken for oil, and then put it in the casserole with 5 nuclear red dates and 12-15 grams of ginseng tablets in the casserole.

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