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Gongsheng excellent breeding, men should not slack off!Stay away from tobacco and alcohol is just the first step

Guidance: Du Peng, deputy chief physician of the Department of Reproductive Department of Guangdong Maternal and Child Health Hospital

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Gongsheng and excellent breeding have been paid more and more attention. Many women of childbearing age can do health care before and during pregnancy. So, is it related to a healthy baby and have nothing to do with men? of course not.

The pregnancy is the result of the man’s reproductive cells -sperm, and the result of the encounter with the woman’s reproductive cells -eggs. It can be seen that sperm also plays an important role in the entire breeding process. Only if the sperm quality is good, you can bred a healthy new life after combining the eggs. If there is a problem with the sperm, even if the mother has a big ability, she can only sigh. In other words, the man could not get rid of a healthy baby. So, what do men need to do well before family planning?

Away from alcohol

Li Bai of “Hundred Poems in Doujiu”. Create a lot of famous poems that have been circulated, but in the legend, his son is dull, and it is said that this is the ending of “alcohol”. Is alcohol really such a big lethality? certainly! Alcohol is a kind of gonad toxin, with research. Long -term alcoholic can damage male germ cells, which produces some “sub -sperm”. Once these damaged residues are combined with eggs, they may develop into unhealthy into unhealthy. Embryos, or children who do not meet the weight, not only that, these children may also cause different degrees of damage in the nervous system, immune system or growth rate of growth and development.

Refuse to smoke

Some smokers think that sucking a cigarette, “happy like a fairy”, but the smoke is not necessarily heaven, it may also be hell. For men’s reproduction, a small cigarette is a huge harm to semen. It affects the normal development of the embryo by affecting the sperm concentration, sperm vitality, sperm, and normal form of sperm in male semen. The greater the amount of smoking, the longer the suction time, and the greater the impact on the quality of the semen.

Do not indulge and abstain for a long time

There is also a close relationship between sexual life and eugenics. If there are too many intercourse, it can lead to chronic congestion of prostate and increase the risk of prostatitis, which affects the number of sperm, the viscosity of semen, acid and alkali, etc., and then affects it. Men’s reproductive function. The elderly in the family often say “a drop of sperm and ten drops of blood”, so some friends deliberately seal the mountains for a long time in order to create a person. The longer the abstinence of the abstinence, the more “sub -sperm”, which affects embryo development. The correct abstinence time is 2-7 days.

Do not abuse drugs

“It is three poisonous medicines.” Many people know that women need to be cautious during pregnancy, but many people ignore the adverse effects of men’s abuse of drugs before pregnancy. Some drugs, such as diuretic drugs, antihistamine, anti -cancer drugs, morphine, steroids, collaterals, caffeine, etc., may affect men’s performance and sperm quality, which directly or indirectly affects eugenics Essence Therefore, for families with family planning, men of childbearing age also need to take medicine under the guidance of a doctor.

Avoid contact with harmful chemicals or radioactive substances

After entering the human body, the harmful chemicals such as lead, mercury, and arsenic can gather in the male reproductive system, so that the sperm quality will be reduced, and the men who have been exposed to radioactive substances for a long time can also decline reproductive functions. Therefore, for some men with long -term contact with harmful chemicals or radioactive substances, labor protection measures should be taken. For young couples with family planning, health inspections of reproductive systems should be performed. After being transferred to the original job around the year, and getting away from this working environment, after successful conception, his wife should go to the hospital regularly to do a good job of production inspection. When discovering abnormalities, he should seek help from a professional doctor in time.

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In short, in addition to the woman who has a healthy baby, in addition to doing enough homework before pregnancy, the man must not be lazy, but also maintains a healthy state before preparing for pregnancy. Eugenics and eugenics need to work together in a harmonious and healthy environment.

Correspondent: Peng Wenbin

Guangdong Maternal and Child Health Hospital

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