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Gongwai pregnancy David early pregnancy test strips


David test strips for extraterritical pregnancy are usually more accurate.Although the hormone level of ectopic pregnancy is significantly lower than that of intrauterine pregnancy, it can generally be tested with David test strips.If David’s early pregnancy test strip continues to deepen, it turns from weak positive to strong positive, and the possibility of ectopic pregnancy is relatively small, but this cannot guarantee 100 % exclusion of ectopic pregnancy. The gold standard for diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy needs to be clear through B -ultrasound.


Gongwai pregnancy David early pregnancy test strips

Ectopic pregnancy is usually caused by factors such as fallopian tube abnormalities, fertilized eggs, pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis, postoperative infection, and special circumstances.


For patients with low blood HCG and abnormal pregnancy in ectopic pregnancy, they can choose to use the doctor’s advice to choose to use Mifei or methotrexate for conservative treatment.If the patients with ectopic pregnancy are in conservative treatment, the pregnancy sac will gradually increase, and the HCG value does not decrease but it is recommended to surgical treatment when it increases.

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