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“River transcendence” Little bone with a small bone cure diabetic foot successfully protects limbs

In the context of the increase in the increase in diabetic groups today, the public should not be unfamiliar with diabetes. According to relevant data, the number of diabetic patients in my country is as high as 114 million, accounting for 1/3 of global diabetic patients, and the incidence of diabetic foot in diabetic patients is as high as 12%to 25%. In patients with diabetes, the risk of amputation of diabetic patients is 40 times that of non -diabetic patients. Therefore, diabetic foot is one of the serious complications of diabetes, and it is an important cause of disability and death in patients with diabetes.

What is diabetic foot? Diabetic foot refers to the mechanical pressure of diabetic patients due to the high merger of peripheral neuropathy and peripheral vascular disease, which causes the destruction and deformity of the soft tissue and bone joint system of the foot, which in turn causes a series of foot problems, from mild neurological symptoms to to Severe ulcers, infections, vascular diseases, Charcot joint disease and neuropathological fractures.

Speaking of this diabetes, not only in the hearts of many “sugar friends”, I am afraid that there are headaches and difficult problems in front of many doctors. Due to the repeated and continuous progress of the disease, the development to the end in the past was a helpless “life -saving amputation”. But recently, the birth of a new technology will bring the gospel to patients with diabetic foot. Medical teams led by Professor Huang Dong, the trauma orthopedia department of the Second People’s Hospital of Guangdong Province, and the attending physician of Zhu Li Lin used the “tibia horizontal bone movement” to cure patients with severe diabetes. Breakthrough.

A small ulceration on my feet, I almost lost my life

In early spring of March, the 52 -year -old Tan (pseudonym) rushed to the rainwater of Guangzhou from Luo Ding to the second people’s trauma orthopedics from Luo Ding to Haizhu District. Come here again, Lao Tan’s mood is really happy. Seeing the trauma orthopedic Huang Dong from a distance, he shouted “Thank you, thank you”. In this scene, Lao Tan was completely afraid to think a few months ago.

几个月前的老谭与眼前的情况却迥然不同,那时候的老谭病倒躺在床上已经几个月,一度出现休克,心脏功能衰竭、重度贫血、高血压病3级、肺水肿、 Diabetic nephropathy, hyparmanemia, sepsis, and even amputation, almost lost their lives. What caused all of this, it turned out that it was only a “small mouth” on the right foot, so that Lao Tan now thought that he felt scared now, “How could a simple diabetes almost be killed.”

It turns out that Lao Tan is an old sugar friend who has a history of 10 years of diabetes. Usually blood glucose has not been controlled well. I didn’t think that I accidentally made diabetes. Blood glucose “.

In August last year, because I saw some peeling on my right foot, Lao Tan was torn off these dandruff. I did not expect that it was the torn, but it torn out for a few months that made him unforgettable for life. Not long after tearing, Lao Tan found his right foot bleeding and infected. At first Lao Tan didn’t take it seriously, but because of the blood sugar control, Lao Tan’s right foot quickly swelled, and the wound was getting bigger and bigger. There is also a fever.

Until the situation, Lao Tan was aware of the seriousness of the problem. He went to the local hospital for treatment and was diagnosed with “type 2 diabetic diabetic foot diabetes peripheral neuropathy diabetes and nephropathy”. It is always good, and the ulceration is still getting bigger and bigger. Lao Tan had no choice but to transfer to the divisions of the Second People’s Hospital of Guangdong Province.

However, at this time, the outer side of the right foot has grown to 8cm*4cm skin, and it is very deep. In addition, Lao Tan’s lower limb vascular function is not good. At this time, Lao Tan, who has developed for two months, has begun to develop heart failure. Severe anemia, level 3 of hypertension, pulmonary edema, diabetic nephropathy, hyparmanemia. At this time, traditional diabetic foot and foot medical treatment can no longer achieve good effects. If you continue to develop again, Lao Tan can only face amputation.

Lao Tan, who was in danger, was quickly transferred to the trauma orthopedic department of the Second People’s Hospital of Guangdong Province. After receiving a strict assessment, Lao Tan, who had already faced amputation, successfully protected his limbs under the new technologies of “magic”. This happened in early March.

A small bone of “transcendence” to rebuild the microcirculation of diabetes and foot

This “magic” technology is actually called “tibial horizontal bone movement”. The surgery process is not complicated. Together with Director Huang Dong, I introduced Li Lin’s attending physician for the trauma orthopedics of Lao Tan’s surgery. Cut a small piece of bone on the calf of the patient, fix it with a bracket, and then adjust the thread pole above to 1 mm per day. The ground speed is pulled horizontally, and then slowly moved back to the original position after 3 weeks. In this process, by giving the bones a suitable stress, it can mobilize the natural restoration of the potential to the people’s own organization, and the organization of metabolism becomes active, so as to make the bones and its attached muscles, fascia, blood vessels, and nerves grow synchronously, so as to achieve realization Natural reconstruction of the microcirculation of damaged tissues.

Why do you have an accident on your feet? Director Huang Dong explained that this is because the long -term feet neuropathy of diabetic patients has reduced the protective function of the lower limbs. Insufficient arteries caused by large vascular and microvascular lesions and microcirculation disorders are prone to ulcers and gangrenes, which are not healed. In addition to bad care, in addition to rotten feet, it may cause osteomyelitis, and some will be severely infected and cause sepsis. Some people, especially the elderly, may also trigger heart and brain problems in infection, symptoms of poisoning, and so on. Therefore, “this microcirculation disorders can be said to be the fundamental cause of diabetes patients with diabetic feet”, and “tibial horizontal bone movement” can effectively improve this problem. “In the face of the diabetes feet that is seriously amputation, there is no special effects of treatment in the past.” I wish Li Lin attended the doctor, mainly including debridement, change of medicine, local lesion resection, and even amputation.

In the general sense, diabetic foot collapse should be conservative in the Department of Internal Medicine, but it is necessary to comprehensively consider the lower limb vascular, wound size, and degree of infection. Even if the diabetes is controlled, the foot microcirculation of diabetes is not improved because of the damage to the diabetes, and the local tissue cannot be nutritious, and it will still not heal the break. I wish Dr. Li Lin said.

Considering that the key to the treatment of diabetes foot is in microcirculation, the trauma orthopedic medical team of the Second People’s Hospital of Guangdong Province has innovatively used the “horizontal movement of tibia” surgery. “The growth of bones can promote the synchronous growth of muscle, fascia, blood vessels, and nerves that attach attachment, thereby achieving natural reconstruction of the microcirculation of damaged tissues. The reconstruction of the cycle further promotes the regeneration of the nerves, so that the diabetic foot is cured” Director Huang Dong “Huang Dong The introduction, “This method solves the problem of microcirculation reconstruction, fundamentally solves tissue ischemia necrosis caused by diabetes, and achieves good treatment effects.” Director Huang Dong emphasized that this is the key to this technology.

Kind tips:

For diabetic patients, in addition to controlling the primary task of blood sugar, these details in life are also very important. Wash your feet with a suitable temperature every day, but do not try the water temperature with your feet, you can ask your family to work or use the thermometer; carefully check the foot when washing your feet, and find the skin wounds in time to disinfect it; skin cracks can be coated with urea ointment; Comfortable in your feet, check the foreign body and rough lines inside the socks every day to prevent damage to the foot, let alone walk barefoot; do not use electric blankets, hand warming treasures, etc. to avoid burning due to slow feeling, it is best to use air conditioning; quit smoking. (Correspondent: Xue Bingni Gao Long Deng Yimao Zhu Lushi)

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