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Guangzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital Du Wenjian: Weighting needs to be treated according to different physical dialectics

In summer, the weather is hot, the human body sweats a lot, and the appetite has decreased. Many obese people choose to lose weight in this season. However, some netizens wondered: I couldn’t reduce myself, I tried my exercise and diet, and the weight loss did not decrease but increased. How to lose weight in such constitution?


Guangzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital Du Wenjian: Weighting needs to be treated according to different physical dialectics

Three factors related to obesity

Professor Du Wenjian of Guangzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital believes that human obesity is related to the three factors. To successfully lose weight, you must “take the right medicine” according to these three factors.

Factors 1: Inheritance

Obesity can be inherited. If both parents are fat, then the child may also be obese, which is caused by the impact of genetic factors. In the category of obesity in Chinese medicine, the hereditary obesity belongs to real obesity, and the obesity of most young people belongs to this category.

Factor 2: Living environment

A person’s physical change is related to the environment. The changes in living environment will also affect a person’s physical changes. For example, the living conditions of a family are better, live comfortably, eat well, and can cause obesity in the long run.

Factors 3: Personal cultivation

Personal cultivation refers to various aspects such as personal living habits. It is closely related to changes in constitution, but many people often ignore their own factors. For example, people who love to sleep and eat more and do not like to move may also lead to obese physique. See if a person’s health is healthy or not, you can judge from four aspects, that is, sufficient sleep, appropriate exercise, reasonable diet, and comfortable sentiment. One of the lack of factors will lead to biased constitution.

Loss should be distinguished by “right medicine” in physical fitness

Professor Du Wenjian explained that different obesity constitutions have different ways to lose weight, and they cannot be generalized, blindly exercising or dieting. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, obesity can be divided into two types, one is real obesity, and the other is virtual obesity.

Lantic obesity is mainly phlegm -damp -type constitution. In order to lose weight, obese people who want to lose weight need to increase the amount of exercise. It needs to be leaked appropriately. To quantitative diet, eat less starch foods, you can use algebraic and sugar -based food instead to eat more fruits and fruits. For example, celery, cucumbers, and carrots are good choices. You can also use soy products instead of three diets.

The constitution of the deficiency and obesity is more common in qi deficiency and yang deficiency, and most of them are caused by the damage to the spleen and stomach and the fine accumulation of the marrow bone essence to cause obesity. This type of population is mainly based on qi, qi, and humidity, supplemented by exercise. Eat more qi foods in diet, such as ginseng, Huaishan, Baizhu, Zi Shi, etc.; There are also rational foods, such as Luo Han Guo, bergamot, Chenpi, etc.

How to judge your own constitution

Only to distinguish between physical fitness to lose weight, so how can you distinguish your physique? Professor Du Wenjian emphasized that it can be converted between virtuality and physical constitution. For example, a person was originally a real constitution. Due to the changes in living environment and living habits, it may also become virtual constitution. Therefore, with simple identification, there is no way to judge the actual constitution and virtual constitution. It is necessary to do a physical identification to distinguish.

In addition, Professor Du Wenjian also reminded those who want to lose weight that weight loss needs to determine different treatment plans according to different constitutions. In summer, weight loss should be exercised in an appropriate amount, regularly quantitative, not overloaded, and excessive exercise will damage yang. In addition, some people feel that they have a lot of exercise, sweat a lot, consume a lot of physical fitness, and overeating after exercise.

【Expert Introduction】

Du Wenjian graduated from Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1993 and was hired by a lecturer in Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2006. He has been engaged in clinical work in the Department of Respiratory Department for many years. Essence Participate in the provincial Chinese Medicine Administration two subjects and publish multiple papers in medical publications above the provincial level. He is good at using the physical identification of Chinese medicine to effectively prevent diseases, timely reconcile physical fitness, intervene in control, achieve the purpose of “treating the disease without disease”, and strive to block the occurrence of orientation diseases.

Good at respiratory diseases, good at using traditional Chinese medicine recognition to effectively prevent diseases, timely reconcile physique, intervene in control, achieve the purpose of “treating no disease”, and strive to block the occurrence of oriental diseases.

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