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Guizhou buses driver suddenly asthma, why did he still not survive himself?

Is a person’s life light or more than that of Hongmao or Taishan, which is actually determined by himself.

On April 11, Hu Kui, a bus driver of Weng’an County, Guizhou, had a sudden asthma during driving. At the critical moment of his life, he clenched the steering wheel and stepped on the brakes. In the last few seconds, the passengers of the vehicle were ensured. The evacuation passengers transferred to the son, and then called his son for help. Unfortunately, when his son arrived, he fell on the steering wheel and lost signs of life.

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Another good person who fell in the post! The behavior of the driver Hu is worthy of everyone’s admiration. Although he is still dead, he is the pride of his son’s life.

There are 30 million asthma patients in China, and regulatory medication is the key to stabilizing the condition.

Without a seizure, the wind is quiet. A little catkin pollen and the weather change may cause stormy waves to make you feel so painful. This is the daily life of 30 million asthma patients in China.

Asthma, the full name is bronchial asthma, is chronic inflammation in the bronchus, resulting in high airway sensitivity. In encountering allergic substances such as dust, pollen or special odor in the air, spasm will stimulate the respiratory tract, causing patients to have symptoms such as panting, breath, chest tightness, and (or) cough.

In recent years, there are many celebrities who have been taken away by asthma:

In May 1995, after a generation of songs, Deng Lijun caused asthma attacks after a cold, which disappeared in Xiangju in Thailand;

In December 2013, the famous artist Ke Shouliang died unexpectedly because of asthma;

In April 2016, Mei Yan, the master of Peking Opera and the son of Mei Lanfang, died of ineffectiveness due to asthma sudden bronchial spasm;

In September 2018, the cross talk actor Chang Baohua was tortured by asthma and died of illness in Beijing.

According to statistics, 250,000 people in the world die from asthma each year, while in China, asthma mortality is 36.7/100,000, which is much higher than developed countries! There are also many celebrities such as Zheng Xiuwen, Du Dewei, Zhu Xiaotian, He Rundong, and Fang Zuming, who are still competing with asthma.

Guo Yubiao, director of the Department of Respiratory and Critical Medicine of the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University, said that asthma can cause death, and the chronic diseases that cannot be cured but can be controlled like hypertension and diabetes. Clinically, 95%of asthma is well controlled by regulating treatment and self -monitoring.

Inhalation of glucocorticoids is the preferred drug to control asthma, and it is a recognized and safe treatment method in the medical community. At present, the amount of hormone used in inhalation hormone is only one -tenth or twentieth of the oral dose. Even long -term inhalation treatment will not have great side effects on the body. On the contrary, if the medicine is not standardized, the medicine is used when the attack is not standardized. Once the medicine is improved, the patient will be in danger at any time.

Master Hu used his self -rescue of asthma. Why wasn’t it effective?

The bridge section of asthma seizures is often found in major TV series. Patients with sudden asthma, difficulty breathing, unstable standing will fall to the ground, desperately pulling out the life -saving medicine in the pocket to suck hard, and it can be relieved immediately.

But in real life, self -rescue of emergencies, sometimes it may not work!

Weibo video screenshot

The surveillance video showed that when Master Hu drove to the Maopo community section, he felt unwell, and soon took out the spray to the nasal and oral cavity, and continued to drive, but the physical discomfort did not ease. Xiaojiu has the same doubts as many netizens. Why is Master Hu taking medicine for self -rescue? Why is it useless?

There are many reasons why patients have not been rescued.

Well -known pharmacist Ji Lianmei wrote in the personal account that according to limited video data analysis, Master Hu used two inhalation drugs, one may be the bronchidine tinttanol, and the other may be the comfort of bronchial dilatation and hormone. These drugs are commonly used for acute seizures of asthma.

After careful inspection of the video details, Ji Lianmei found that Master Hu’s self -rescue method was not standardized at the time. It may be because the method of medication was not paid to the due treatment.

It is understood that the respiratory doctors have seen many patients who have not used the inhaled inhalation in clinical practice because the method of taking medicine is not right, resulting in poor asthma control, and even losing their lives at the critical moment.

The contents of the form are taken from “Jilian Mei Tan: Chinese people should take this medicine like this”


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