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Gynecologist: If these four cases appear in the body, it is the signal of uterine fibroids!

The uterus is an important organ for women. In life, if the uterus is improperly cares, it is prone to various gynecological diseases and even tumors.At the same time, some bad habits are also harmful to the uterus, such as more sexual partners, unclean sexual life, and so on.

Women want the health of the uterus, pay more attention in daily life, and if there is a problem with the uterus, the body will send a “help signal”.

If these 4 symptoms appear, there may be big problems in the uterus

1. Irregular vaginal bleeding

Vaginal abnormal bleeding is a common symptom of uterine fibroids, but this symptom is easily ignored by women and believes that menstruation has come.Faber fibroids in muscle walls can affect uterine contraction, resulting in an increase in endometrial area, which affects the normal occurrence of menstruation.Symptoms of submucosal fibroids are accompanied by irregular vaginal bleeding and endless menstruation.

Gynecologist: If these four cases appear in the body, it is the signal of uterine fibroids!

2. Abdominal pain

Uterine fibroids are excessively compressed pelvic nerve, or acute ischemia causes red lesions in the fibroids, which further causes severe abdominal pain.When women have this symptom, they need to go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination in time.

3. Lands abnormal

Leucorrhea is an important indicator of female reproductive organs. If uterine fibroids are removed, ulcer necrosis will occur on the surface, which will further cause leucorrhea to increase.If the infection is merged, pyroid leucorrhea will appear.

In addition, if the volume of fibroids in the muscle wall is large, the area of the uterine cavity is large, and uterine secretion increases and is accompanied by pelvic congestion, which will also cause leucorrhea to increase.

4. The abdomen has a sense of compression

If a woman appears in the abdomen, it may be that the uterine fibroids grow on the back wall of the uterus, which will cause constipation or diarrhea.If the fibroids grow on both sides of the uterus, the ureter and nerves are compressed. In addition to pain, ureteral obstruction can also be caused, causing pyelone water to deposit water and puffy legs.

The uterus is most afraid of these 3 things, advise you to do less

The uterus is extremely important for women’s reproductive health. If you do not pay attention to care in life, the damage to the uterus will be great.


Sexual life does not take contraceptive measures, or unexpected pregnancy caused by improper contraceptive measures, resulting in artificial abortion harmful to the uterus.In the process of adopting abortion surgery, it will lead to a comprehensive impact of artificial abortion reactions, uterine injuries, and bleeding.

Gynecologist: If these four cases appear in the body, it is the signal of uterine fibroids!

After surgery, there will be recent hazards such as abortion, menstrual disorders, and infection.In the long run, abortion will bring some columns of inflammatory damage to cervical, cervical adhesion, and pelvic cavity, which will further affect future conception and delivery.

If there are multiple abortion, it will cause irreversible injuries to the endometrium, and the reaching a certain degree of damage will lead to infertility.For young unmarried women, the flow of people will lead to serious psychological burdens, such as anxiety, depression, fear, inferiority, and negative pessimism.

Unclean life

STDs and human papilloma virus (HPV) are transmitted through sexual behavior. If sexual life does not pay attention to hygiene, or sexual life is chaotic, cross infections are prone to occur.The HPV infection is an important factor in inducing cervical cancer.In addition, unclean sexual life can also cause other gynecological inflammatory diseases.

Premature sex life

Premature sexual life refers to sexual behavior before the age of 16. At this time, women’s reproductive system development is still immature and premature sexual life. For some girls with relatively weak body immunity, it is easy to cause infection.

In addition, premature sexual life is more prone to accidental pregnancy, and the next step of abortion measures will inevitably cause irreversible damage to the uterus.Moreover, the sexual life is premature, the cervical epithelium development is not yet mature, and it is more likely to infect HPV viruses.

Related data show that the incidence of cervical cancer was higher than other women before the age of 18.


Gynecologist: If these four cases appear in the body, it is the signal of uterine fibroids!

In these 5 cases, it is best to suspend sexual life

After abortion surgery: After finishing the abortion surgery, avoid premature rooms after the abortion surgery, at least to ensure that there is no sexual life within a month, so as to avoid the occurrence of pelvic inflammatory disease.

Diagnostic curettage: If you have to do curettage diagnosis due to certain diseases, three days before and within one month after surgery, avoid sexual life and prevent cervical infection.

Cervical tissue biopsy: If you are suspected of suffering from cervical cancer, you need to perform a cervical tissue biopsy. In order to avoid infection, sexual life is prohibited within half a month after surgery.

Cervical polyp surgery: Cervical polyps are benign lesions. Sexual life is prohibited within half a month after surgery to avoid the occurrence of infection and inflammation.

Uterine fallopian tube iodine oil angiography: Diagnostic infertility, you need to do iodine oil radiography. In the first three days before the examination and one month after the examination, you should avoid sexual life and prevent the occurrence of attachment inflammation.

Gynecologist: If these four cases appear in the body, it is the signal of uterine fibroids!

For women, protecting the uterus is to protect their own health.First of all, before sexual life, both sides must clean the vulva and pay attention to hygiene in order to avoid infections caused by viruses and bacteria.

In addition, contraceptive measures should be taken in sexual life, which can prevent damage caused by accidental pregnancy to the uterus.If women have a series of inflammatory problems such as gynecological diseases, sexual life must be prohibited before the disease is completely cured.

Similarly, this is also applicable to men. If the other half suffers from sex or other reproductive system diseases, women should avoid sexual relationships.

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