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Half of the world’s gastric cancer patients in China!Doctors remind: These six types of people are best to check gastroscopy regularly

A few days ago, the news that the famous dancer Chen Ailian died of stomach cancer was regrettable. Even if she was 81 years old, her physical muscles were only 30 years old. During her lifetime, she also participated in a dance show to help the finals. Raise, split legs … and other difficult movements.

According to Chen Ailian’s daughter, she was already late when she was found to have gastric cancer, and her course developed rapidly, and she even had bone metastases. Rao is such an extremely self -discipline and maintaining a good physical condition that he has not escaped gastric cancer.

my country is called a major gastric cancer country. In 2016, the “Clinical Oncology Magazine” released a study pointed out that half of gastric cancer patients in the world are in China. my country will increase about 680,000 gastric cancer patients each year, and the mortality rate is as high as 500,000. This also means that 1860 people have diagnosed gastric cancer every day, and 1364 people die due to gastric cancer.

Half of the world's gastric cancer patients in China!Doctors remind: These six types of people are best to check gastroscopy regularly

In 2019, Xu Dazhi, chief physician of gastric surgery of the Cancer Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University, and Wang Jiangli, the attending physician Wang Jiangli, talked in the Health Newspaper. Status research data shows that the age of 50 is the peak period of the onset of gastric cancer.



In fact, gastric cancer is not terrible. Medical experts said that gastric cancer was found in the early days that the five -year survival rate could be as high as 90%. But it is terrible that gastric cancer is easily confused with ordinary gastric disease early in the early days, which leads to the best time to treat patients.

Therefore, learning to observe the early “clues” of gastric cancer is the key to increasing the cure rate of gastric cancer! So, what signals will the body have when gastric cancer appears?

As soon as the gastric cancer is discovered, it is late, pay attention to these 6 abnormalities

There are 80 % of patients with gastric cancer in early stage. Therefore, there are many patients with gastric cancer patients who have developed to the middle and late stages, and they have obvious discomfort before they go to the hospital for examination. Even many patients are not serious about their body. This is how gastric cancer is dragged into late.

Pain and discomfort in the upper abdomen: Abdominal pain is one of the early symptoms of gastric cancer, and it is also the most common symptom of early gastric cancer. 80%of patients have this manifestation. It should be noted that the early abdominal pain caused by gastric cancer is similar to the symptoms of abdominal pain caused by indigestion, but the early abdominal pain in the early stomach of the gastric cancer starts to be mild, no regularity, and the pain cannot be relieved after eating, and the pain gradually worsen with the development of the disease.


Half of the world's gastric cancer patients in China!Doctors remind: These six types of people are best to check gastroscopy regularly

Lisar appetite: Clinical studies have found that more than 30 % of gastric cancer patients will have loss of appetite. This is because the digestive ability of patients with gastric cancer is weakened and cannot be interested in food. The manifestation of the sensation, with the development of the condition, the loss of appetite is becoming more and more serious, and some patients with gastric cancer even have anorexia.

Sudden weight loss: Cancer cells require a large amount of nutrients and energy in the body, so it will cause normal tissue of other body to obtain nutrition. Condition.

Piece of the upper abdomen: A fixed block will appear in the upper abdomen of the early patients with individual gastric cancer. The texture is hard and not smooth, and pain will occur during squeezing.

Nausea, vomiting, and acid reflux: Gastric cancer also has symptoms of nausea, vomiting, and acid reflux. If the tumor grows in the gastric exit, the vomit is mostly centered and gastric juice, and it will emit acid odor or stinky eggs.

Vomiting blood and black stool: As the tumor grows, the small blood vessels in the stomach will be destroyed, and there will be symptoms of stool potential blood. However, if the condition is further developed, it will violate the larger blood vessels. Hallery -shaped black stools appear.

Half of the world's gastric cancer patients in China!Doctors remind: These six types of people are best to check gastroscopy regularly

Gastric cancer can be affected by a variety of factors. Various gastric diseases such as genetic, bad eating habits, chronic gastritis, and pylori infection of Helicobacter pylori can cause gastric cancer. Among them, gastric cancer caused by Helicobacter pylori infection is still “contagious”.

Stomach cancer will be “infectious”, don’t take it seriously

In fact, gastric cancer is not directly transmitted, but the first carcinogenic factor for gastric cancer -Helicobacter pylori can be directly transmitted, and this bacteria are very contagious, often existing in the tartar and saliva of those with bacteria.

Medical research shows that there is a clear gathering of pylori infection of Helicobacter pylori. If a person has H. pylori, everyone who is in contact with this person will be infected, especially with this person.

Therefore, if you want to prevent gastric cancer infection with pylori infection, using public chopsticks during meals is the key to reduce bacteria in saliva and reduce the risk of gastric cancer. In addition, maintaining good living habits is also important. Eat less fried smoke foods, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, and exercise more while controlling weight.

In addition, regular medical examinations are also a good way to prevent gastric cancer. Professor Zuo Xiuli, deputy chief physician of Qilu Hospital Qilu Hospital of Shandong University, once said in the 2019 “Caring for China Stomach” Health Public Welfare Lecture Hall that six types of people even if they have no stomach discomfort Gastroscopy should also be done regularly.

Half of the world's gastric cancer patients in China!Doctors remind: These six types of people are best to check gastroscopy regularly

Six categories need to do gastroscopy regularly

Professor Zuo reminded that these six types of people must do gastroscopy regularly regardless of whether they have diseases.

People in high incidence of gastric cancer: Southeast coast and Jiangsu and Zhejiang areas are high -incidence areas of gastric cancer. Because local people love pickled and smoked foods, and high -salt diets all year round, the damage to the stomach is much greater than other regions, so the incidence of gastric cancer is higher than that of the gastric cancer than other areas. People over the age of 40: People of this age are high incidence of gastric cancer, accounting for more than 90 % of the total number of patients. Among them, the chance of gastric cancer over 40 years old is higher than women. Therefore, middle -aged men must regularly regularly men Do gastroscopy and check gastric cancer.

Helicobacter pylori infection: Helicobacter pylori has been determined as the first pathogenic factor that causes gastric cancer, and can be directly transmitted to others, there is “contagious”.

Patients with gastric diseases: Patients with gastric diseases such as gastric ulcers, gastric polyps, and chronic atrophic gastritis are high -incidence people with gastric cancer. In addition, those who have undergone gastric surgery must also be alert to gastric cancer to come to the door.

People with bad living habits: Bad habits of long -term smoking, alcoholism, dispersion of diet, and unwilling to exercise life will also increase the chance of stomach cancer, and such people are also “phases” of gastric cancer.


Half of the world's gastric cancer patients in China!Doctors remind: These six types of people are best to check gastroscopy regularly

Family patients with gastric cancer: Most cancers are genetic, and gastric cancer is no exception. The family has gastric cancer patients, especially the direct relatives, must do gastroscopy regularly to prevent gastric cancer. Once uncomfortable, seek medical treatment in time to check and treat.

The prevention of gastric cancer is mainly to reduce various carcinogenic factors of high -risk groups and reduce the incidence. In addition, early detection and early treatment, regular physical examination, once early gastric cancer surgery is found to increase the cure rate.

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