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Half of the world’s new liver cancer patients are Chinese, and there are 4 main “scourge”. Pay attention to stay away from

Ms. Wang is 58 years old. She is a single mother who works for a fruit shop and feeds a daughter.

Therefore, she is usually used to eating frugality, such as some fruits that can’t be sold in a deterioration. She is not willing to throw it, but digs out the bad parts of the bad place to continue eating.

In the long run, her whole person became yellow muscles and thin, and her appetite was greatly reduced. She realized that the problem was wrong. She immediately went to the hospital for examination and found that she had liver cancer.

Ms. Wang was very puzzled: I did n’t smoke, I did n’t drink, and my body had no discomfort. How could it be liver cancer?

1. Why do you have liver cancer without smoking or drinking?

After asking Ms. Wang’s dietary habits, the doctor speculated that she would get liver cancer because she had long -term consumption of moldy fruits.Even if the fruits are rotten, the toxins produced by the moldy bacteria may have penetrated into the part where the fruit is not rotted, and the non -rotten part of the fruits is inevitable.

Mold -changing fruits contain a tachylecin that is closely related to liver cancer. It is a toxic liver carcinoma, which is the culprit of 4.6%to 28.2%of liver cancer in the world, especially in developing countries.The risk is greater.Suitable water, temperature and ventilation environment are the breeding beds that breed. Guts (rice, nuts, corn, etc.) are likely to deteriorate in a humid environment, resulting in oleancin.

2. Half of patients with new liver cancer are Chinese, mainly “culprit” or 4

According to the WHO survey, the incidence of liver cancer in malignant tumors is extremely high. About 750,000 liver cancer patients in the world are all Chinese.320,000 people died of liver cancer.

Liver cancer is so terrible, what is the factors that cause liver cancer?The roots of trouble or these 4.

1. Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B is a hepatitis and exists in hepatocytes.Hepatitis B virus has a certain probability that it can cause liver cancer. If hepatitis B virus is integrated into the part of the liver cells that happens to activate or inhibit the cancer gene, then it will become liver cancer.It becomes liver cirrhosis, and patients with hepatitis B are not treated in time and reasonably, then 90%will turn into liver cancer.

2. Alcoholism

After entering the liver cells contained in the wine, it is oxidized into acetaldehyde after entering liver cells. Acetaldehyde cannot discharge in vitro in time to cause acetaldehyde poisoning, which is what we call “drunk”. Heetaldehyde has liver toxicity and carcinogenicity.It will cause damage to the liver function, and it is easy to suffer from chronic liver disease such as liver cirrhosis, fatty liver, etc., and the risk of liver cancer increases.

3. Obesity

A survey of authoritative magazines abroad shows that 37%of Italy’s patients with liver cancer are caused by fatty liver. Fatty liver is a lesion with excessive fat accumulation in liver cells.The liver also has the risk of cancer.Obesity people should pay attention to diet in their lives, intake in moderate amount of protein, low sugar and low fat, light and balanced diet, exercise exercise, weight loss is the best way to reduce the condition.

4. Coplinum cytamyl

Copcle gembrokes are one of the culprits that cause liver cancer. It is defined by the World Health Organization as a natural carcinogen. It exists widely on soil, dust, plants and their fruits. In a humid environment, moldy foods often breed on the moldy foods.Incubin, if people eat this kind of food, it may cause liver damage in the long run, produce a series of liver diseases, which will induce liver cancer.

Third, the “dragging” liver cancer, don’t ignore these 4 abnormalities in the body

If you have the following phenomena, don’t look down, because it may be a sign of liver cancer!

Pain in the liver area: Pain in the liver area has pain or pain. It is located in the ribs of the right season. It is a common symptom of various hepatitis, fatty liver, liver benign tumors or malignant tumors.If the liver has obvious necrosis or cracked hemorrhage, it will cause severe pain in the liver area.Some chronic diseases of the liver can cause pain in the liver area. It is likely to be misdiagnosed as an acute abdomen. It should be paid attention to identification and proper treatment.

Jaundice: Patients with jaundice symptoms (manifested as yellow eyes, yellow skin and yellow urine) when the liver function is severely damaged.It is a patient with liver disease, and other diseases may also lead to jaundice.In the advanced stage of liver cancer, most of the liver cancer has liver cirrhosis. Patients with cirrhosis patients can abnormal bile bile function, resulting in jaundice.Therefore, if there are symptoms of jaundice, go to the hospital for examination and actively treat them in time.

Hepatitis cirrhosis: The course of liver cirrhosis can reach decades, and its clinical manifestations are liver function compensation and disliked compensation period. There are overlap phenomena in the two phases.

The symptoms of liver function compensation period are mild, manifested as fatigue, loss of appetite, indigestion, yellow muscles, and so on. The results of liver function tests are generally normal or mild abnormalities, and the condition is more hidden.

There are two manifestations: liver function loss and portal hypertension. Endocrine disorders, abnormal digestive tract, gastrointestinal bleeding and other symptoms have occurred. As the disease progresses, it may develop into liver cancer into liver cancer.Essence

Systemic manifestations: patients with liver cancer can repeated diarrhea, pain in the liver area, and gradually lose weight; followed by frequent fever, fever, or sweat, this is the early sign of liver cancer; there is also subcutaneous bleeding, and the coagulation function of patients with liver cancer will deteriorate.EssenceIf these symptoms appear for no reason, you must be vigilant to prevent liver cancer.4. Prevent liver cancer, keep in mind 4 o’clock

Early manifestations of liver cancer are not obvious. Many liver cancers are found in the middle and late stages. Liver cancer is not easy to find and terrible. Therefore, it is important to learn to prevent liver cancer.

1. Reasonable diet

Three meals a day should be regular, nutritious, eat less spicy, greasy, and high -sugar foods, eat more vegetables and fruits, and supplement protein in appropriate amount.Pay special attention, do not eat mildew food!

2. Use medicine with caution

Many drugs have the side effects of damage to the liver, and they must be taken under the guidance of a professional doctor.

3. Appropriate exercise

Exercise can burn fat, especially aerobic exercise, such as jogging, skipping rope, cycling, etc.

4. Check the liver function regularly

Patients with liver disease should have the habit of regularly checking liver function to avoid deterioration of the disease. Liver imaging examination is a good helper to screen liver disease; healthy people can vaccinate hepatitis B vaccine to prevent hepatitis B.

In general, the liver is a valuable organs. If the liver is a problem, the body will definitely be manifested in some symptoms. Usually, we must add more maintenance of your body in life.In this way, it can prevent the emergence of liver disease or even liver cancer.

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