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Hand, foot and mouth are coming back again, do you know how to fight the vaccine?

In the summer and autumn season, the school started to start, letting parents scare, let the kindergarten be frightened, and let the baby call Liantian’s hand, foot, and mouth, and return again …

Hand and foot

Hand -and -mouth disease (HFMD), a HFMD, a infectious disease caused by human intestinal virus, can be transmitted by respiratory tract, digestive tract, contact, etc. Hand, feet and oral mucoster herpes are the main clinical symptoms.

Note that hand -foot and mouth disease is easy to misdiagnose in the early stage!

In the early stage of the onset, children with cough, runny nose, fever such as cough, runny nose, fever, etc. At this time, parents must not judge their children with colds, especially in the high incidence of hand, foot and mouth disease and epidemic outbreak. In the future, you must pay attention to the performance of your child’s mouth, hands, and foot performance.

If there are gray-white herpes or ulcers in the mouth, and the skin of the hands and feet of the hands and parts can be seen in multiple distributed 1-2mm circular herpes, the possibility of hand, foot and mouth disease needs to be considered. The herpes of hand, foot and mouth disease have obvious differences with the blisters caused by scald and wear. They are thick, hard, not painful, and itchy. There are fewer liquids in which it is difficult to break. At the same time, there is a clear redness around.

Although these herpes are aggressive, in most cases, it can fade by itself within 3-5 days without breaking the skin.

A few children have severe symptoms.

A small number of patients have a serious condition. They can occur with encephalitis, meningitis, myocarditis, pneumonia, pulmonary edema, and nervous system infections. But whether the early symptoms of milder condition may be the same, how do you have potential severe severe children?

(1) High fever lasts for more than 24 hours. Whether it is physical cooling or orally, the symptoms have not improved.

(2) Children’s mental lack, drowsiness, headache. If you are young, often show irritability, even coma even in severe cases.

(3) Lost appetite, frequent vomiting and severe urine volume decreased, and severe cases have no urine without urine.

(4) Frequent cough or even shortness of breath.

(5) It can be seen that the child’s complexion is pale, prone to sweat, cold limbs, shake, and some children may not be able to stand steadily.

8 vaccine vaccination problems, take you correctly to prevent hand, foot and mouth disease!

To prevent hands and foot, in addition to washing hands and paying attention to hygiene in daily life, a very important means are vaccination. But do you really know the hand, foot and mouth vaccine?

1. Ev71 vaccination objects and immune procedures?

The vaccination object is those who are susceptible to the EV71 virus from June to 5 years old. The vaccine is a second -class vaccine. It is not among the vaccines provided by the government for free and needs to be injected at their own expense.

Basic immune procedures are 2 doses, which is 1 month apart. It is necessary to strengthen immunity for the time being.

2. Can different manufacturers of EV71 live vaccine be mixed with inoculation?

Due to the lack of relevant experimental data and clinical data for the time being, it is recommended to use the same manufacturer vaccine to complete 2 doses of vaccination at this stage. It is not recommended to use different manufacturers vaccine to complete the vaccination process.

3. Is there a conflict with other vaccines?

The EV71 vaccine does not vaccinate at the same time as other vaccines, at least two weeks apart. If there is a conflict with a type of vaccine, priority is given to vaccination.

4. Does EV71 active vaccine need to be vaccinated every year?

No, the latest research data shows that the protection effect can last after two stitches.

5. Why do you still have hand, foot and mouth disease after inoculation of EV71 activated vaccine?

There are more than 20 viruses that cause hand, foot and mouth disease, among which the intestinal virus type 71 (EV71) and the Coxasch virus A16 (Coxa16) are the most common.

The EV71 active vaccine is used to prevent hand, foot and mouth disease caused by EV71 infection, but it cannot prevent hand, foot and mouth disease caused by other intestinal virus (including Virus such as type 16 of the Kedochi group A).

But even so, inoculation of EV71 activated vaccine is still necessary, because more than 80%of intensive cases and more than 90%of death cases are mostly caused by EV71 infection.

6. Do children who have to have hand, foot and mouth disease need to be vaccinated by EV71?

If the previous hand, foot and mouth disease is clearly caused by the EV71 virus, there is no need to vaccinate the EV71 vaccine.

However, if the hand and foot and mouth disease is caused by other intestinal virus or the results of the original diagnosis of the original academy, it is recommended to vaccinate the EV71 vaccine.

7. What are the adverse reactions after inoculation of EV71?

There were no serious adverse reactions related to vaccination in clinical trials.

A small number of people can occur after vaccination. Symptoms are fever, local pain, redness, swelling, and loss of appetite, etc., which can be relieved by themselves.

8. The taboos of the EV71 active vaccine?

For the active substances in this product, any non -active substance or the substances used in the preparation process, including accessories, formaldehyde, and allergies for sulfate.

Patients with fever and acute diseases.

Those with severe chronic diseases and allergies are prohibited.


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