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Harvard Research: Drink these four drinks to make breast cancer patients survive longer!

As we all know, sugary drinks are harmful to health. Excessive intake of sugar can increase the risk of various diseases, such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. The risk of cancer includes the risk of overall cancer, as well as several specific cancer risks such as breast cancer, prostate and colorectal cancer.



Researchers at Harvard T.HAN School of Public Health, Harvard University in the United States, found that research on the authoritative medical journal “Cancer” found that drinking 1-3 bottles per week (355ml of 1 bottle) contains sweets. Drinks are related to the risk of breast cancer specific deaths by 31%and the risk of death by 21%; drinking more than 3 bottles of sugar -containing drinks per week, an increase of 35%of the risk of breast cancer, all due to the risk of death due to death risk Stepping 28%related.

The use of coffee, tea, water, or low -fat milk to replace sugary drinks will help improve the expected life of early breast cancer survivors.

In view of the results of this study, for the survivors of breast cancer, they should restrict and try not to drink sugar -containing beverages, and replace sugar -containing drinks with coffee, tea, water or low -fat milk, so as to reduce the life of the survivors of breast cancer and reduce Risk of death.

In addition, patients with breast cancer should also pay attention to the four taboos in diet!

1. Greedy fruit

In the hot summer, iced watermelon is one of the favorite fruits of people, and some people eat it directly as a meal. Watermelon is a good thing, but it is not possible to eat at any time, and the more you eat, the more thirst. Although more than 94%of it is moisture, the sugar content itself is quite high. Watermelon with normal sweetness contains 5%sugar, and calories are 250 kcal/kg.

In other words, if you eat a large watermelon of 8-10 pounds a day, it is equivalent to considering the calories of 1000-1250 kcal, and the ordinary bowl of rice is about 200 kcal. Eating a watermelon is equivalent to eating five or six bowls of rice, so it is necessary to eat watermelon as a meal. It is best to eat 1-2 tablets of watermelon a day.

2. Calm cool

When it is hot, it is the most comfortable to eat cold drinks, but the nutritionist recommends that you need to control the intake of cold drinks. Too much cold drink intake will only increase the burden on the gastrointestinal tract, cause the gastrointestinal tract to shrink normally, and even cause even triggered the gastrointestinal tract. Stomach cramps. Elderly, oral or gastrointestinal diseases, and diabetes patients should not eat cold drinks.

3. greedy

It will be refreshing to eat cold vegetables and dipping sauce in summer. Some raw vegetables such as lettuce, coriander, lettuce, which are both crisp and refreshing, but also supplement vitamins and dietary fiber, which are deeply loved. However, the raw melon vegetables must be cleaned under flowing water (water purification). If it can be disinfected, try to disinfect and wash it before eating.

4. Spicy

The hotness began to feel appetizing, and felt that I had to eat some heavy taste to appetite. The nutritionist proposed that the appropriate amount of onion ginger, ginger, garlic, hawthorn, vinegar, etc. are helpful, but it is not recommended to use too exciting and spicy food. To increase appetite.

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