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Harvard University Studies: Five habits in daily development, or can live longer and healthier

“Why am I so unlucky? The book says that type A blood short life is still prone to cancer. What should I do?”

In the background, I received a private message from a fan. When it comes to blood types, many people have the head of their heads. It seems that there is a metaphysics.

Lin Zhengying, type A, died of liver cancer in 1997, only 44 years old.

Li Yong, type A blood, died of cancer in 2018 and was only 50 years old.

Wu Mengda, type A blood, died of liver cancer in 2021 at the age of 69.

… …

Is blood type really related to life and cancer? Xiao Ai found some literatures, and some really found it. Today I will talk to everyone.

I. Bloodlord life rankings, the top of the O -type blood occupies the top of the list?

Many people think that the blood type is just three letters, but in fact it is just one or two of the blood type system. As of February 2021, the International Blood Transfer Association announced that there are 43 blood type systems and 343 blood type antigen. In -depth research, numbers will continue to grow.

Our most familiar ABO system is also the earliest blood type system discovered by humans. Mathematicians and doctors Stephenm Wasberg and the well -known fitness expert Joseph Christiannu had found an interesting connection with a questionnaire of 5,000 people. The blood type and life spanance turned out to be related:

1. Type O blood: The survey found the longest life, and the average life expectancy reached 87 years old

2. Blood B: People with type B blood are relatively calm and calm, but it will live 10 years less than the life span of type O blood

3. AB blood: AB -type blood people have a lower average life span than type B blood, the average life expectancy is only 67 years old

4. Type A blood: Type A blood is the shortest life of all blood types, with an average age of only 62 years.

Is blood type really related to life span? This research is still controversial, and the race does not cover the Chinese, and the crowd base is relatively small. In fact, there is no clear evidence to confirm which blood type has longevity advantages. The research of the World Health Organization shows that lifestyle plays a main role in people’s health and life, accounting for 60%, and genetic factors only account for 15%, which means that most of the longevity still requires the efforts of the day after tomorrow, and the blood type only belongs to only the blood type. genetic factors.

2. Is there a relationship between blood type and cancer? Look at our country’s research

In 1986, the research team of Shanghai Jiaotong University incorporated into 18,000 men to explorate a blood type and tumor. Through a 20 -year follow -up of these people, it was found that people with type A blood have the susceptibility to the digestive system tumor. In particular, intestinal cancer and gastric cancer are the most sensitive.

Why is it the most unlucky? Is this science or metaphysics?

First of all, it is necessary to explain that the research of Shanghai Jiaotong University is observed, and it is not possible to infer the causal relationship of tumors and blood types. Tian Yantao, director of the Gastrointestinal Surgery Area of ​​the Academy of Medical Sciences, once stated that the research on some molecular biology of type A blood and gastric cancer was not clear.

Third, if you want to be healthy and longevity, you cannot expect blood type, and it is more important to develop 5 habits

Published in the “Cycle”, research reports from Harvard University mentioned that five behaviors related to a large extension of life span of more than 10 years are: not smoking, maintaining healthy body treatment index, avoiding excessive drinking, conducting medium and high intensity exercises, persistence, persistence healthy diet.

It can be seen that if you want to be healthy and longevity, you need to do these points:

1. Resolutely not smoke

The World Health Organization report pointed out that in 2014, Chinese tobacco consumption accounted for 44%of the world’s, and tobacco was used, which caused 1 million people each year to occur with tobacco -related diseases or deaths. Tobacco combustion can produce more than 7,000 chemical ingredients, 69 of which have carcinogenic effects. Its harm is not only the smokers themselves, but also affecting passive smokers. According to the survey, more than 700 million people across the country often exposed to fatal second -hand smoke, and second -hand smoke exposure can lead to various diseases such as lung cancer, breast cancer, and coronary heart disease. So quit smoking for yourself and your family.

2. Control alcohol

Drinking is an internationally recognized carcinogenic factor. For the Chinese, drinking is more likely to have cancer. Alcohol requires two steps in the human body’s metabolism. One is that under the action of ethanol dehydrogenase, alcohol is decomposed into acetaldehyde. Chinese ethanol dehydrogenase activity is generally high. Two steps, under the action of acetaldehyde dehydrogenase, acetaldehyde is decomposed into acetic acid. Unfortunately, the Chinese people generally have mutation of acetaldehyde dehydrase, which cannot cause effective degradation.

3. Maintain reasonable weight

The “Report on Nutrition and Chronic Diseases of Chinese Residents (2020)” shows that more than 50%of Chinese adults are overweight or obese.

Determining whether obesity is based on the constitution index, and the formula of the constitution index is: physical index = weight/(height × height).

4. Keep a healthy diet

A healthy body cannot be separated from three meals. Eat more fruits and fruits, grains of grains, drink sufficient water, accelerate blood circulation, and promote metabolism.

5. Adhere to medium and high -strength exercises

It is recommended to perform appropriate jogging, riding bicycles, swimming and other exercises per week. These movements help alleviate the problems of joint degeneration and backache back pain. At the same time, it can help deeply fall asleep and maintain intestinal health.

Life is related to various factors, and it cannot be judged or excessive based on the blood type.If you want to be unreliable for your longevity, you might as well adjust your living habits, cultivate the correct way of eating, participate in social activities more, and check your body regularly.Reference materials:

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