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Have you believed these wrong aphrodisiac methods?Teach you the correct aphrodisiac tips!

Aphrodisiac nourishing kidney is the needs of many male friends. Due to the pressure of modern social life and work, coupled with irregular diet, many male friends often have a “force” situation in sex. There are many methods of aphrodisiac, but there are also many so -called “aphrodisiac” unreliable. Are you still using these unreliable aphrodisiac methods?

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5 unreliable aphrodisiac methods

1. Oyster aphrodisiac

Oyster aphrodisiac is a saying from Europe and the United States. Some people think that the shape of oysters is like female genitals. From a psychological perspective, it may stimulate male sexual desire. However, from a nutritional point of view, oysters are rich in trace elements, such as zinc, so that trace elements can only help improve system immunity and do not help much to improve sexual desire.

2. Chocolate aphrodisiac

It may be related to Valentine’s Day, and people often associate chocolate with love. But the main component of chocolate is cocoa, which has a certain effect of antioxidant and blood pressure, but it cannot make people bravely overnight.

3. Chili Aphrodisiac

Many people in India and South America think that the appearance of peppers looks like male genitals, and its taste is spicy, so it has aphrodisiac effect. However, in fact, the nutrients contained in peppers have the effects of antioxidant, pain relief, and promoting metabolism, and have nothing to do with aphrodisiac.

4, truffle aphrodisiac

The ancient Greeks and Romans believe that truffle has the effect of aphrodisiac, which has always affected modernity. However, studies have shown that the musk contained in truffle can only promote the estrus of animals, and there is no evidence that it is effective to people.

5. Fast refreshing aphrodisiac

Many spices are considered to evoke sexual desire, but some research tests show that after using some spices that claim to have aphrodisiac effects, the degree of congestion of the penis and vagina has not changed much.

7 methods for men’s aphrodisiacs

Pay attention to exercise

To exercise moderately and maintain good physical strength: walking, swimming, climbing stairs, and playing tennis are the best sports for men.

2. To enhance self -confidence

In addition to being related to health, men’s self -confidence in sexual affairs cannot be separated from the state of work. To do a good job of career norms and adjust themselves, we can dedicate their best to the other half.

3. Quit smoking and alcohol

The erection of the penis and the state of the microvascular state on the penis are closely related. Tobacco and alcohol can also affect the cardiovascular system, and the cycle of microvascular circulation is no exception. This is prone to erection disorders.

4. Regular physical examination

Regular physical examinations are carried out every year, and the status of reproductive organs should be paid attention to. If abnormal conditions occur, seek medical treatment in time. Some drugs also affect sexual function. It is best to consult your doctor’s opinions before using drugs to avoid abuse of drugs.

5. Diet and nutrition

The six categories of nutritional diet are indispensable. Vegetables, fruits, milk, eggs, eggs, miscellaneous grains, and meat must be balanced. You can eat more cashews, whole wheat bread, and egg tofu. For people who do not need to use, they can use Ho Shouwu, Ginseng, and Cordyceps sinensis for medicated diet, but they must be eaten with personal constitution. If you want to change the taste, it’s good to have some drunk shrimp and white wine oysters, but you must pay attention to the quality and safety of seafood food.

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7. Select the quality of sexual products with guaranteed quality

Male friends may use some sexual supplies during sex. When buying these sex products, they must pay attention to quality. It is best to buy it in good reputation merchants. When used, pay attention to the correct method. Effect.

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