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Haven’t you conceive for half a year of pregnancy?Maybe your love posture is wrong

Netizens asked: My husband and I were married for 8 years and started to prepare for pregnancy at the end of last year, but we have no protective measures for half a year, but it is useless to move at all. Both of our husbands and wives are healthy and have no use of bad habits. What is going on?

In fact, there are many diets that affect conceives, and love and love are one of them.

In order to prepare for pregnancy, many couples make all kinds of preparations, physical conditioning, adjustment of schedules, ovulation measurement, and even more susceptible to conceiving in the same room. Do you know which posture is the easiest to conceive?

Which posture is the easiest to conceive? These 3 types recognized in the world


According to reports, medical experts in many countries in the world have done research. Generally, they are recognized as three positions: men, women, and lower positions, and post -position. The position that can help conceive is to ensure that the sperm is shooting, and it is as close to the cervix as much as possible to allow sperm to enter women faster. A study of 180 couples in the United States found that men and women were used to raise their hips with pillows. Do not get up immediately after sex to stand up to stand up, which helps to conceive better and faster.

Which posture is the easiest to conceive? Experts recommend these two

Wang Shanmi, chief physician of the obstetrics and gynecology department of Peking University People’s Hospital, recommends two best pregnancy positions in his book “Education Education of Preparation”: bent and chest and knee.

Chest and knee position: Women are kneeling, lower their chests, and raised their hips. Although this position of the penis cannot be deepened, the position of the vaginal cavity is reduced and semen can be stored. When using this position, the woman is best to lie flat for 30 minutes after her husband’s ejaculation, which can make the sperm enter the uterus smoother.

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Kneele: Female bent on his legs and put your feet on men’s shoulders. This can expose the vagina, the vagina distance can be shortened, making the penis deeper. At the same time, due to the low position of the vulva cavity, the sperm that can be stored can be stored, which does not flow out. In addition, women can also take a small pillow to raise their hips slightly and lie down for a long time, which helps sperm to swim to the cervix mouth and increase the opportunity to contact sperm eggs. After the man ejaculates, it is best to wait for the penis to soften before drawing.

Which posture is the easiest to conceive? Pose that can be orgasm

No matter what kind of posture, the two sides feel comfortable and happy, because the climax also helps to get pregnant. During the climax, the female pelvic floor muscles will push strongly, helping sperm break through many resistance and reach the cervix. At the same time, the orgasm also helps eugenics, because men ejaculate in harmony, sperm vitality is strong, which can minimize external damage during the swimming process and ensure sperm quality.

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