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He changed his insulin pen for half a month, but he was admitted to the hospital. You have to learn from it

Mr. Man, 60 years old, more than ten years of diabetes. I was diagnosed in our hospital 3 years ago. What is going on, what is the relationship with diabetes?


Mr. Man: It was the diabetes you showed me more than 3 years ago. I think it has been good in recent years, and it has never come. Now I don’t feel very comfortable, pain, fever, and don’t want to eat. So I would like to ask you to see, what’s the matter with my belly?

Doctor: Please take up your clothes and let me see. The gauze was wrapped around the belly chicken, yellow, and wet (the range was about 3x5cm). Put your clothes, a bit serious, how long have you been? How much does your body temperature?

Mr. Man: It’s a week. Yesterday 40.5 degrees.

Doctor: You must quickly be hospitalized and need to be deepened.

Patient: Defense? How can he be defeated?

Doctor: Patients with diabetes have poor resistance, low immunity, and subcutaneous abscess in your abdomen. There are currently fever and headache discomfort. , DIC and other life -threatening situations, hurry up and get hospitalized (open hospitalization certificate).

Mr. Man: How did my abdomen pustule come? I don’t understand much. I disinfect the skin and needles every time I hit the insulin.

Doctor: How often do you change your insulin needle? What is insulin?

Mr. Man: I use Gan Shulin 30 insulin, domestically produced. After I took an insulin potion, I changed 1 needle, about half a month.

Doctor: That’s right, because your needle uses the wrong use of the current subcutaneous abscess. Do you know how long it takes to change the needle?

Mr. Man: I don’t know.

Doctor: The needle should be thrown.

Mr. Man: Why? I have a insulin and a needle. I think the needle is still good. If you do n’t use bad, you lose how much money. It would cost money if you had diabetes. It’s up.

Doctor: You may have to spend more than 10,000 yuan in hospital now. If you think about how long you can use so much money to buy a needle, and you will not suffer. If the infection is not controlled, the money will be more, and it may cause life to danger.

There is no problem on the surface of you, it does not mean that the needle itself is fine. Because the insulin needle is very thin and short, it is difficult to find the naked eye in the needle, but in the microscope, we can see that the insulin needle will occur for a long time. Skin infection affects insulin absorption.

Long -term use of an insulin needle can easily cause needle to occlude, which causes inaccurate insulin dosage in injection. Increased insulin dosage and poor absorption will cause poor blood glucose control. Poor blood glucose control causes the infection to worsen. This is a vicious cycle. In severe cases, needles can be broken and residual under the skin.

Mr. Man: This is too scary.

Insulin pen needed to be changed

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Remind diabetic patients not to care about the money of the insulin pen, and change the needle frequently, not only will not increase the economic burden, but it can reduce the economic burden. The possibility of appearing is small.

Diabetes patients, if you are injection of insulin under the skin, have you replaced your needle in time?

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