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Health physical examination is in time -action operation

There are three major problems that affect the health level of the Chinese people. One is that the concept of health is backward, the second is that the medical expenses are high, and the third is the incomplete service system.

The reporter of “China Merchants News” learned from the “China Chronic Disease Report” published by the Ministry of Health that the prevalence of high blood pressure at the age of 18 and above in my country is 18.8%, which is estimated that the number of patients in the country is more than 160 million; The prevalence is 3.2%, and the number of patients with diabetes across the country is more than 3 million; the overweight rate of adults in my country is 22.8%, and the obesity rate is 7.1%. It is estimated that the number of patients with abnormal blood lipids in the country is 160 million.

Solving the entry point of “difficult to see a doctor and expensive medical treatment” is to vigorously develop the health check -up industry. The health medical examination industry is a national behavior abroad, and everyone has it. Although our national health check -up industry has just started, as long as the layout of health and physical examinations is reasonable, information standards are uniform, and services meet the standards, insurance companies will pay for health check -up, and health examinations will become a national treatment. First, there is no corresponding national policy support and lack of unified standards. The market is disorderly, the level of development is uneven, and the medical examination industry is mixed. The second is that China’s medical insurance is not high, which is far from developed countries such as Japan and the United States. National medical insurance did not include comprehensive health examinations in the medical insurance category. The cost of medical examinations was still paid by the unit or individual. To some extent, the overall speed of the health check -up institution was restricted.

The combination of the health check -up industry and the insurance industry will be another driving force for the development of health checkups. If there is a third -party commercial health insurance, the market size of both parties to some guests will greatly promote the market size of both health examinations and health insurance. Insurance institutions and physical examination agencies can better collect data and carry out health management. At the same time, referring to the model of foreign management medical care, a management health examination model can be adopted, medical and moral risks can be effectively avoided, insurance insurance types meet market demand, and enhanced competitiveness. Dream Weaving Content Management System

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According to the calculation of the Institute of Health and Economics of the Ministry of Health: Investment in the International Health Management Rules: If you invest in health check -up 1 yuan, you can save 9 yuan for individuals and society. The expenditure is 300 billion yuan! “The health inspection institution established in accordance with the Ci Ming model has more than 300 nationwide, which has saved the country’s medical resources more than 30 billion.

(Intern editor: Li Xing)

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