Healthy weight loss 12 diet rules

For the greedy fat girl, diet is a painful thing. But beauty is also what everyone wants. Can’t you have both deliciousness and beauty? No, as long as you do it according to the following 12 dietary rules, you can enjoy thinness every day!

1. Although some foods do not contain sugar from the surface, such as salad sauce, hot dogs, burgers, cans and some frozen vegetables, may contain sucrose, glucose, honey or corn sugar. , So as not to eat a lot of sugar.

2. Pay attention not to be too long when stir -fry, so as not to lose water. It is best to keep the dishes with a lot of moisture, which can increase the volume of the dishes and eat it to play a better satiety.

3. Pay attention to controlling the amount of oil for cooking. It is best to choose the method of saving fuel saving such as steamed, cooking, stew, crickets, boiling, and mixing, so that the daily cooking amount does not exceed 30 grams.

4. Pay attention to the oil drifting on the soup frequently when cooking soup. If you do n’t do without the soup, it is best to cook soup. Do not make thick soup. The thick soup contains higher calories.

5. You can use potatoes instead of staple food, but do not treat it as vegetables. Because the calories of potatoes are less calories than staple foods, but they are much larger than vegetables. People are always used to eating more dishes when eating. If potatoes are eaten as vegetables, and at the same time, they do not pay attention to reducing the amount of staple foods.

6. After getting up in the morning every morning, drink some warm boiling water, which will help reduce appetite and reduce the amount of food. If you can insist on drinking warm water before three meals, it will have a better effect.

7. Do not drink excessive water. After drinking, you do n’t feel bloating, nausea or not affecting appetite, otherwise it will induce hunger and increase the amount of eating.

8. Three meals a day should be regular and quantitative, pay attention to nutritional balance. Do not eat too much, eat three meals, and have a scientific order when eating. If you can go to the soup before meals, eat light foods and vegetables with large volume and low heat energy when eating.

9. Do not eat two or one meal a day in order to avoid gaining weight, or not even eat for a day; or eat more food you love to eat, and lose weight in the next meal. In this way, the body will not make full use of the heat released by the food, but instead stores the heat too much, thereby increasing the amount of feeding, which can easily accumulate the fat under the skin.

10. It is best not to drink dining drinks when you eat. You should usually pay less drinks. There seems to be much difference between drinks and water, but not restrained drinking makes people gain weight inadvertently. When you want to drink, you can drink some new sweet drinks with low calories or calories without calories

(Editor in charge: Wang Yanyu, intern editor: Zhang Yingxiu)

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