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“Heat stroke” in winter to keep warm

The newborn baby has just left the warm belly of her mother, and the living environment has changed greatly, especially in the cold season of babies within 6 months of the cold season.

In order to prevent the cold from the wind, many new mothers always wrap the newborn baby tightly, and they sleep tightly at night. As everyone knows, doing so is often “good intentions to do bad things”, which is easy to cause “heat stroke” (medical name is called Baby covering heat syndrome).

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In the middle of the winter, the cold wind was pierced, and the ward income a critical illness, a little boy born 65 days of birth. The baby had a high fever (the body temperature was 40 ° C), a lot of sweat, the facial muscles continued to twitch, the breathing was rapid, and the lips were purple. This is a typical fever syndrome.

Doctors analysis: Babies covering heat syndrome mostly occurred below 1 year old, especially in babies who were born shortly. At this time, the physiological activity of the baby has begun, but the center of breathing and body temperature regulation is not sound. The adaptation of the external environment is poor, the sweat and heat dissipation function is poor. Sweat and sweat. In addition, the baby is unable to kick the quilt, and the heat time is too long, which can easily cause chronic hypoxia in the body and cause a series of lesions.

Symptoms of heat stroke in winter

1. High heat (the body temperature is between 39 and 41 ° C) continues;

2. Storm (high fever in medicine), the whole body and local muscles twitch again, and the duration ranges for several minutes; the complexion is from red to white;

3. Khan pour, all over the body is soaked;

4. Symptoms of dehydration -depression, less urine, dry mouth;

5. Difficulty of breathing -breathing frequency exceeds 60 times per minute, accompanied by lips.

If the above symptoms are not treated in a timely manner, the heat time is too long (more than 5-6 hours) can cause the baby to shock or coma, and even die due to respiratory cycle failure.

Family care is important

Babies born in winter are easily attacked by cold air, but the warm environment is not good for the baby. Nowadays, it is the cold season. Pediatric experts remind everyone that hot and cold should be careful. In order to ensure that the baby is in peace, family care is essential.

Living room: The baby’s room should open the window regularly. In the morning, the windows are opened for no less than 15 minutes to ensure that the air is fresh. It is good for opening the window to sleep in winter, but avoiding it. The environmental temperature of the living room is maintained at 24 to 28 ° C, and the baby is 30 to 34 ° C, and the relative humidity should be 40%.

Dressing and sleep: Considering the cold climate, it is necessary to create a loose, comfortable, warm and warm sleep environment for the baby. Baby breastfeeding babies are best to go to bed in a single bed. After falling asleep at night, adults have to observe the baby’s sleep multiple times.

In order to prevent the wind from the wind, the baby’s clothes should be warm, and the bedding should be slightly thinner. In the cold season, babies should not cover too warm, wrap it too tightly, and it is not advisable to use electric blankets. Do not cover the baby’s head in the quilt, and pay attention to the hot water bottle away from the skin.

When you go out, do not wrap your baby too tightly and too strictly to change the air properly. Moms should adopt the correct feeding posture when feeding to avoid the breasts completely covering the baby’s mouth and nose, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of infants’ heat syndrome.

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Timing body temperature: Using the thermometer, the baby’s temperature can be discovered in a timely manner.

I often touch the baby’s hands and feet. If the limbs are warm and not sweat, it means that the warmth is appropriate; if the body temperature is lower than 36 ° C or the baby’s limbs are cool, it is prompted that the body temperature is low and the warmth needs to be strengthened. At this time, you can add clothes to your baby and use hot water bottle to keep it; you can also hold the baby in his arms and take it. If the baby is found to have a fever (measuring the body temperature ≧ 38 ° C), the front forehead is hot, and the breathing is rapid, it is best to go to the hospital for treatment.

(Editor in charge: He Ying)

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