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Hep liver cirrhosis? How to treat liver cirrhosis

Is the liver cirrhosis serious? In terms of the treatment of liver cirrhosis, it is generally based on drug treatment and surgical treatment. Surgical treatment mainly refers to liver transplantation surgery, but it should be noted that liver transplant surgery has comparison comparison Severe indications are not to say that all patients with cirrhosis are suitable for liver transplantation surgery. In addition, the use of drugs must be carefully considered, especially some drugs that are relatively large in the liver. Pay attention to some necessary matters, and you need to stop taking it if necessary.

Is the liver cirrhosis serious?

1. Treatment of peritoneal effusion

Repeat a large amount of abdominal effusion and intravenous infusion ginkgo is used to treat refractory peritoneal effusion. Put the abdominal effusion 3 times a day or 3 times a week, and at the same time infusion of albumin. Improve plasma collagen osmotic pressure per week with a small amount per week and multiple intravenous transmission plasma or albumin. Patin effusion is concentrated in the treatment of refractory peritoneal effusion, or is accompanied by hypotonic capacity status, hypolisymia, hyparmanemia and liver and kidney syndrome, and a large number of abdominal effusion caused by various reasons Urgently need to relieve symptomatic patients.

2. Liver transplant surgery

It is suitable for end liver diseases that are invalid in conventional internal surgical treatment. Including difficult to reverse abdominal effusion; portal hypertension, and upper gastrointestinal bleeding; severe liver function damage (chILD grading C level); liver and kidney syndrome; hepatogenic encephalopathy with permanentity; the foundation of liver cirrhosis; Paratorial liver cancer.

3. Liver and kidney syndrome

The improvement of kidney function depends on the improvement of liver function, so the treatment focuses on the treatment of liver primary disease. Further treatment on this basis. Quickly control the inductive factors such as gastrointestinal bleeding and infection. Control the infusion volume to maintain water, electrolyte, acid, and alkaline balance. The treatment of right thalamic, leukin, plasma, blood, whole blood, and self -peritoneal effusion concentration, etc., use less or without salt water. It can be used with diuretics and small doses. The application of vascular active drugs such as dopamine and prostinin E2 can improve renal blood flow and increase glomerular filtration rate.

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