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Hide to hide the baby to overcome separation anxiety

Costa Rican psychological expert Branko recently wrote in the “National Daily” that children’s emotional disorders mostly occurred in preschool children, manifested as extremely anxious reactions when children are separated from their loved ones. If you do not pay attention and treatment, you will affect your children’s future learning and life.

So, how should parents help children overcome separation anxiety? Blanco suggested that playing collection and collection games can effectively help children adapt to the separation of their parents. This game allows children to know in the play that parents do not mean that they disappear. In addition, you can also let your children practice separating from their parents at home, so that the child gradually gets used to the feeling of the parents’ departure. For example, let the grandparents take care of the child temporarily, and the parents can slowly extend the time.

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She also said that parents should encourage them to learn and understand the world around and cultivate independence with the growth of their children. She suggested that when children can do it, they should consciously cultivate their own habits, such as eating, dressing, brushing their teeth, combing hair, and urination. When children do these things, parents must be patient. Do not blame them for their mistakes, otherwise they will affect the enthusiasm of their children’s learning and self -reliance.

Branko emphasized that some parents will show uneasy emotions when they leave their young children, and children are very good at capturing the anxiety of their parents when they leave. Therefore, parents must learn to hide this emotion in front of their children. Otherwise It is more difficult to overcome by relying.

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