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High blood sugar after meals, rely on exercise to reduce sugar?How long does it take to exercise after meals for diabets?

We all know that appropriate exercise can improve the body’s immunity, and it will also play some other benefits. For some diseases, some diseases can also have an auxiliary treatment effect. The same is true for patients with high blood sugar. It can play a role in lowering blood sugar, so how long does it take to exercise sugar hypoglycemic after meals?

How long does it take to exercise sugar hypoglycemic after meals?

The rise of blood sugar after meals is normal, and some people choose to exercise after a meal to slow down blood sugar.

However, exercise immediately after meals is not conducive to blood sugar control. Because exercise immediately after meals, the level of adrenal hormones, cortisol hormones, and norepine hormone will increase significantly. These hormones have the effect of antagonism in insulin. After eating, the blood sugar will rise significantly. At this time The body needs to secrete insulin to reduce blood sugar. If you exercise immediately after dinner, the secretion of antagonist hormones will increase, causing the decline in the effect of insulin, which will lead to the rise of blood sugar after meals.

Therefore, patients with high blood glucose are best to start exercise one hour after dinner. At this hour after meals, the blood sugar reduction effect of insulin in the body has been sufficient, and the hormone level fluctuations generated by exercise are less affected. At this time, the exercise will further reduce the blood glucose level after dinner, and the sugar control effect is ideal.

How to grasp the amount of exercise in diabetic patients?

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Patients with diabetes should also master the scores during exercise. Daily or a few days of exercise per day. Each exercise should last about 20 to 40 minutes, so as to achieve the effect of exercise therapy.

How long does it take to exercise sugar hypoglycemic after meals? Although there are many benefits to exercise, for those who have diseases, they must be careful about exercise. The content of the effect of good glucose hypoglycemic after meals is introduced above. I hope to help everyone.

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