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High blood sugar and difficulty in losing weight are blame rice?

People are iron rice is steel! Rice contains a large amount of carbohydrates, and carbohydrates are the main sources of energy we need to maintain life activities.

Some weight -loss people think that rice can make people gain weight, so they do not dare to eat rice.

Diabetes is the most related disease to “eating”. “Sugar Friends” worry about carbohydrates:

“Carbohydrate is sugar, you can’t eat it”

“Just eat meat and not eat carbohydrates to lose weight”

“Eat one less meal can take less medicine”


How does carbohydrate affect blood sugar on weight? “Sugar Friends” should we stay away from the staple food? Listen to what Professor Li Yan of the Department of Endocrine of Sun Yixian Memorial Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University said.

李焱教授在2016糖尿病CDS年会做PionTED 演讲,指出:糖尿病患者不要拒绝碳水化合物。

Professor Li Yan gave a PIONTED speech at the 2016 Diabetes CDS Annual Conference. He pointed out that diabetic patients should not refuse carbohydrates.

Eat less carbohydrates to reduce blood sugar fluctuations?

One experience of many “sugar friends”: I eat rice, consumes a lot of carbohydrates, and rises after the meal, while eating protein and fat, the blood sugar after meals is not so high. It seems that carbohydrates are not conducive to blood glucose control? Rice is equivalent to high sugar lift index (GI) food?

Medicine has always been rigorous, and it is not convincing to be persuaded by personal micro feelings. certificate! medical! study! certificate! according to!

In the early 1980s, the prevalence of diabetes in my country was 2%, and the prevalence rate is now as high as 9.7%.

Research on changes in my country’s diet structure shows that the proportion of carbohydrate intake in the Chinese population from 1989 to 2000 gradually decreased, and fat intake increased year by year.

Professor Li Yan said that the truth tells us that the less and less carbohydrates, but more and more diabetes. Can this be said to be caused by carbohydrates that cause diabetes? (Obviously not!)

Studies have shown that high -fat and high protein diets are independent risk factor for Chinese people with diabetes, not carbohydrates. “The calories of high fat are more than double the carbohydrate. Excessive intake of this heat causes high blood sugar. Therefore, blood sugar fluctuations cannot be dependent on carbohydrates.” He explained.

Can only eat meat or carbohydrates to lose weight?

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“Sugar Friends” while trying to control blood sugar, but also to worry about how to lose weight. There is a way to lose weight that is not abused, called: eat! Meat! reduce! Fat! Law!

Eating meat weight loss method, also known as low -carbon weight loss, completely swept the United States in the past few years, and is regarded as the largest revolution in weight loss. It is a view on Dr.ALKINS: obesity is mainly caused by carbohydrates, that is, grain sugar fat, which has nothing to do with protein. Fasting carbohydrates and sweets can stimulate the body to break down fat to provide heat.

Li Yan believes that eating meat does not eat any carbohydrates and can quickly lose weight. This is not only scientific, but also evidence.

However, this high -protein and low -carbohydrate diet only reduce weight in a short period of time and cannot last. When a person’s weight decreases, the hormone of the body will start the stress reaction secretly to pull your weight back.

In addition, if you choose this weight loss method, please keep in love with a single dog. Li Yan pointed out, “Eating meat weight loss method can make people often bad breath and constipation. Excessive animal protein may also damage the kidneys, excessive cholesterol, increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, increase keto body in hematuria, leading to keto acid poisoning.”

In fact, it is not what you eat, but how much you eat. No matter what kind of diet, as long as the intake of the hot card can be reduced, it can be reduced, but it is not lasting. Strict control of calorie intake is more important than the composition of the nutritional component that adjusts the diet. When the level of total heat restrictions remains unchanged, the composition of a large amount of nutrients is not helpful for weight loss.

What are the consequences of “Sugar Friends” without eating staple food?


If you do n’t eat rice, noodles and other staple foods, what consequences may be brought to?

1. Stimulation: The most direct nutrition of the brain is carbohydrates. Patients with type 2 diabetes are emotional and slow.

2, sympathetic nerve excitement: enthusiastic panic, emotional excitement, insomnia, physical weakness, difficulty of trapped, hair loss, dry skin, decreased memory.

3. Long -term lack of carbohydrates may also cause “hunger ketone”. Due to insufficient energy intake for a long time, the body will start the stress reaction when the body is hungry, and the fat in the body will be decomposed to replace the carbohydrate. Hunger ketone can lead to acute kidney failure, and in severe cases, it can even cause coma and death. Patients with premature birth and death during pregnancy.

Li Yan reminded that the diet of low carbohydrates will not have a better impact on diabetes control! Studies have shown that under the premise of equal heat, compared with high carbohydrates, the diet method of low carbohydrates is not different in blood glucose control and other metabolic indicators.

The carbohydrate “sugar friend” must be eaten!

World Health Organization WHO Suggestion: Patients with carbohydrate diabetes must eat! In addition, carbohydrates should account for 50-60%of nutritional intake. China Type 2 Diabetes Prevention Guide is recommended, and carbohydrates account for 55%-60%.

Li Yan said that “sugar friends” should establish a scientific dietary structure, and it is recommended to refer to the CDS “diet nutrition dish” with reference to diabetes.

CDS “Diet Nutrition Date” protein: It can improve the nutritional status of patients, and the volume accounts for about 1/4 of the diet plate.

Grain potato: Including coarse grains and fine grains, noodles, steamed buns, corn noodles and rice, add composite carbohydrates, which are important sources of physical energy, which accounts for about 1/4 of the diet plate.

Vegetables and vegetables: 1/1/dining plate of dietary plates.

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Oils: Oily energy is very high, and a small amount of intake can make the energy exceed the standard, so it is necessary to clearly limit the excess intake.

Reasonable allocation of three meals a day, Li Yan recommends heat distribution, 1/3 breakfast, 1/2 lunch, 1/3 dinner.The ratio of food nutritional ingredients, 50-60%carbohydrates, 10-15%protein, fat should not exceed 30%.

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