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High hair, foot and mouth disease is here, and children with children should be careful!

As the temperature rises, the weather slowly becomes hot, and hand, foot and mouth diseases have become popular among young children.

Hand -foot and mouth disease is a kind of infectious disease that allows each parent to smell the wind. From May to July each year, it is the peak period of hand, foot and mouth disease. So, are you ready for hand, foot and mouth disease?

Hand, foot and mouth disease, don’t mistakenly think it is a cold!

Hand -foot and mouth disease, also known as mosaic stomatitis, is a infectious disease caused by intestinal virus, mostly in infants and young children. After the hand and foot disease occurs, some symptoms of colds will occur in the early days of the child, such as fever, cough, runny nose, etc. Some parents do not pay attention to it, they will mistaken it as a cold.

In addition, the children’s hands, feet, hips, oral cavity and other parts will appear small or mung bean -sized herpes or red pimples. When the herpes in the oral cavity are ulcerated, the child will be painful and unbearable, and then irritability will occur. Crying and drooling.

Once parents find that their children have symptoms of hand, foot and mouth disease, they should send their children to the hospital for treatment in time. Otherwise, severe condition can cause fatal complications such as myocarditis, pulmonary edema, and meningitis, which is life -threatening!

Hand, foot and mouth disease, there are many ways to spread

There are many ways to spread hand, foot and mouth disease. In addition to the intestinal discharge of viruses, the respiratory tract will also excrete viruses. The secretions after the rash is ulcerated. Therefore, hand, foot and mouth disease can be spread.

Children under the age of 3 are most likely to infect hand, foot and mouth disease. After children contact patients with hand, foot and mouth disease, more than 80%of them will develop. The younger the age, the more severe the symptoms after infection!

Some people will ask, will the same child be infected with hand, foot and mouth disease? In fact, the same child may infect hand, foot and mouth disease multiple times, because hand, foot and mouth disease are caused by a set of intestinal virus. At present, more than 20 kinds of intestinal virus can induce disease. After an enterovirus infection, an enterovirus is infected with infection. The durable time focal length generated by the body will not obtain lifelong immunity.

Therefore, a major epidemic will occur in a few years, and some children may be infected 2-3 times a year.

Hand, foot and mouth disease, focus on prevention!

1. In order to keep their children from recruiting, parents should take preventive measures for hand, foot and mouth disease in time.

2. Do not take children to public places with dense crowd and poor air circulation.

3. Check the child’s hand, feet, and oral cavity every day in the morning. Check your body temperature every day to determine whether you have a fever.

4. Pay attention to family environmental hygiene, keep the child’s health and clean body, wash your hands, eat cooked food, drink boiling water, ventilated, and bask in the sun.

5. The baby’s tableware, cups, bottle and other items should be dedicated and specialized. Do not mix and share it with adults’ tableware. Use hot water to completely disinfect the tableware every day.

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