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High incidence of cancer in my country is the “scourge” of meat?Reminder: It is really not recommended to eat these 5 kinds of meat

For food, food has always been unspeakable charm, and for those who are unhappy, there is no less fleshy figure on the table.Earlier, there were rumors on the Internet that the incidence of cancer in my country is high, which is related to the long -term meat eating of the people. Is this really the case?



1. Studies have found that: more than 5 times a week, high risk of cancer

In February 2022, the research team at Oxford University, through a follow-up of 11.4 years of follow-up, found that 54,961 subjects were newly suffered from cancer after a follow-up of 11.4 years of follow-up.

After excluding the influence of other factors, researchers found that people who eat more than five times a week (unlimited meat type) are more than those who do not limit the type of meat, and they do not eat more than five times a week.People who do not eat other meats and people who do not eat any meat, the risk of cancer is 2%, 10%, and 14%higher than that of cancer.

Does that mean high incidence of cancer, eating meat is the culprit?


Second, the cancer is high, is it the first to eat meat?

Some studies have found that eating meat often increases the risk of cancer in certain cancers.There is evidence that pork, beef, lamb, sausage, ham, barbecue and other red meat and excessive processing meat intake will increase the risk of bowel cancer.Moreover, international cancer research institutions have defined processed meat as a type of carcinogen, and red meat is 2A carcinogen.

The carcinogenic mechanism of red meat and processing meat may be because of the hemoglobin iron content in red meat, which is more likely to increase the production of free radicals and induce cancer.In addition, red meat can promote inflammation and increase the risk of cancer.In the process of cooking, processing meat may produce ductive aromatics, nitrosamines and other substances, thereby increasing the risk of cancer.

Red meat and processing meat will increase the risk of carcinogens, but it does not mean that it cannot be eaten. After all, the meat is rich in vitamin B12, high -quality protein, iron, zinc and other nutrients, so it is necessary to eat it.However, it is recommended to eat lean meat, and pay attention to controlling the intake.

3. However, it is not recommended to eat these 5 kinds of meat

Meat contains high -quality protein, so it is one of the essential foods in diet, but it should be noted that the following kinds of meat is not recommended.

1. Animal neck

There are many lymphatic tissues on the neck of the animals, and there may be germs in it, and it is best to eat less.

2. Threestart glands

Animal glands, thyroid, lesion lymph glands, etc. are not recommended. There are many hormones contained in glandular gland and other glandular gland. Eating too much will affect the endocrine system and cause abnormal symptoms of the body.There are germs and viruses in lymph glands. It is difficult to say that they are eliminated during cooking, so it is not recommended to eat.

3. Fish abdomen black film

The black film in the fish belly is a protective layer of fish, but the composition of this film is mainly fat, and the nutritional value is not high.

4. Chicken and duck ass

Chicken, duck buttocks, etc. are not recommended to eat, like chicken butt containing tail gland, cavity, and other parts. There are more pathogens and metabolic wastes inside. It is not recommended to eat.

5. Wildlife meat, cats and dog meat

Wildlife meat is generally unknown, and it may contain various germs, and it is not recommended to eat it.

Eating more meat may indeed increase the risk of cancer, but cancer is the result of the common effect of various factors. You have to eat meat.It is recommended not to eat some meats such as animal necks, animal three glands, chicken duck buttocks, wildlife meat, etc., which are not safe.

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