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Homemade Chinese medicine knee pads away from joint pain

Chrysanthemum has the effects of relieving heat, anti -inflammatory, analgesic, and regulating immune function. Ai leaves have the effects of warming meridians, dispersing cold pain, and relieving itching and relieving itching.

Pin the chrysanthemum and the old Ai leaf into a thick end, put it in a gauze bag, make a knee pad, and wear it on the knee. Cold pain is a good effect of arthritis.

It should be noted that the proportion of chrysanthemums of chrysanthemum wormwood knees is very critical. Different types of arthritis, the proportion of chrysanthemums and wormwood leaves are different.

Jelsia pain, local burning redness, pain cannot be touched, joint activity is unfavorable, arthritis with symptoms such as fever, thirst, yellow dryness, and pulse number of pulses belong to the heat paralysis of traditional Chinese medicine. The ratio to match the ratio.

The arthritis pain is more painful. When the temperature is low, the pain increases when the temperature is high. The ratio to match the ratio.

If the symptoms of cold and heat are not obvious, the ratio of chrysanthemum and Ai leaf 1: 1 can be used to match

(Intern editor: Zhu Dongman)

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