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Honeycomb -shaped breast hyperplasia pictures


Honeycomb -shaped breast hyperplasia refers to a breast cystic hyperplasia. Due to the uneven distribution of estrogen receptors of the breast tissue, some mammary glands are cystic expansion when endocrine disorders.


Honeycomb -shaped breast hyperplasia pictures

Patients with honeycomb -shaped breast hyperplasia can be treated under the guidance of a doctor, such as taking Xiaoyao Pills and Capital Capsules such as Xiaoyao Pills and Creation of Creation to alleviate symptoms.For patients with severe honeycomb -shaped breast hyperplasia, surgical treatment can be treated.


Patients need to pay attention to reducing local stimulation of breasts, avoid tight underwear to avoid affecting blood circulation.Avoid eating spicy food, quit smoking and drinking, and keep your mood happy, avoid often angry or anxious.At the same time, avoid excessive fatigue or excessive psychological pressure.

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