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How about the Ayayang Agai Niuhuang Wan

The main ingredients of Angyitang Angong Niuhuang Pills are beef and cattle, bull horn concentrated powder, artificial musk, scutellaria baicalensis, gardenia, tulips, pearls, cinnabar, majestic yellow, coptamin, and borneol.So how about Shitangannong Niuhuang Wan?

The role of Ansiyang Niuhuang Wan and the effect of Shitang Yitang Araga Niuhuang Wan is suitable for stroke coma and encephalitis, meningitis, toxic encephalopathy, cerebral hemorrhage, and sepsis.Shitang Angong Niuhuang Wan has clearing heat and detoxifying, cooling blood and phlegm, town heart, frightening, soothing.Angong Niuhuang Wan has the effects of clearing heat and detoxifying, waking up brain, cooling blood, and sputum, town heart, frightening, soothing, soothing, soothing.As a family -standing medicine for the family, Shi Yitang Angong Niuhuang Wan is more good at stroke first aid, and can play a key role in emergency; or when children at home have a high fever, they can be used as emergency medicines, but the usage of Angong Niuhuang Pills, the usage of Ansong Niuhuang Wan,Everyone is generally misunderstood, so how should Shiyitang Agang Niuhuang Wan?

As a must -have medicine for the emergency of traditional Chinese medicine, Shiyi Hall Ansong Niuhuang Wan is an emergency medicine and is not used for prevention.At the same time, Shitang Angong Niuhuang Pills are cold, so be cautious when using it.Shitang Angong Niuhuang Wan is set up by the heat -closed god.In layman’s terms, only thermal stroke is the symptoms. Other types of strokes are not the indications of the Ansiya Niuhuang Wan. So how to identify whether it is hot stroke? What are the characteristics of hot stroke? What are the characteristics of hot stroke?”Suddenly coma, rude noodles, and crooked mouth and eyes” is the indication of Agai Niuhuang Wan. Other types of strokes are not the indications of Agai Niuhuang Wan.Note: During the medication, the diet should be light, and avoid spicy and greasy products to avoid helping fire to produce sputum.

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