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How big is the difference between drinking milk and people who do not drink often?Not paying attention to 2 o’clock, equivalent to “white drink”

Mr. Zhang was very happy when he was 42 years old, so he took care of the younger son and loved it all. Whether you eat or wear it, you just want to give your son the best. In order to supplement his son’s nutrition, Mr. Zhang deliberately asked his son to drink a glass of milk before going to bed.

But when the child was 10 years old, he always looked as tall as the 7 -year -old child, and his body was maintained at 130cm.

Mr. Zhang quickly took the child to the hospital for examination, but was told that the child’s spleen and stomach were weak and the digestive function was not good. A glass of milk before going to bed affects the child’s sleep quality, so it affects the secretion of hormone growth in the body, which eventually causes this result.


1. Can you drink milk before going to bed?

Whether you can drink milk before going to bed has several kinds of concerns. Will drinking milk before going to bed will cause a burden on growth? Will drinking milk before going to bed cause dental caries? Will it cause poor sleep or affect growth hormone?

Gu Zhongyi, a nutritionist, said that drinking milk before going to bed may cause discomfort for some people. This type of human digestive tract has poor digestive function or functional indigestion symptoms. Some people’s cardiac sprint muscle strength is relatively weak, and it may be diverted after lying down.

Secondly, if the child does not clean the milk before going to bed, and the milk is left to fall asleep, there is a risk of dental caries for a long time.

In the end, when the human body sleeps deeply, the brain venoma will secrete a large amount of growth hormones, so sleep is important for children’s growth and development. However, growth hormone and insulin have the relationship between this and other long -lasting relationships. Acting high -refined carbohydrates can cause more insulin secretion. Therefore, from this perspective, some studies believe that drinking milk before going to bed may affect growth hormone secretion.

However, there are many research on whether eating food before bedtime, but there are no exact answers. Nutrient Gu Zhongyi said that there is no need to change diet because of this. If the amount of milk that the child consumes daily is appropriate, and sleeps steadily after drinking before going to bed, it doesn’t matter.

Second, what is the difference between drinking milk and occasional milk?

Some people do not like to drink milk, but the benefits of milk are a lot. Milk can not only supplement calcium, but also protect the heart, strengthen memory, and reduce the risk of bowel cancer.

According to a study by Academician Gu Dongfeng’s team of Fuwai Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, people who drink 150 ~ 300 grams of milk every day have reduced the risk of cardiovascular disease and death by 23%and 19%, respectively.

In addition, drinking milk can also enhance the immunity of the human body, help uric acid, reduce the acute seizures of gout, and so on.

In addition, drinking milk has skills, and drinking wrong may just drink it. How can I drink it? It is necessary to avoid the following two errors.

1. Drink milk as water?

Milk is a fat milk product, which is rich in protein and calcium. If you drink milk as water, you may consume excessive saturated fatty acids, protein and calcium.

And too much protein intake can easily increase the kidney burden. Excessive intake of calcium will increase the risk of constipation, affect iron absorption and increase the risk of anemia. Drinking milk as water may also affect the diet of dinner and increase the risk of obesity.

2. Steamed milk for a long time

Many people think that cooking milk can easily lose nutrients. In fact, high -temperature cooking does not affect the main nutritional ingredients of milk, but the B vitamin, vitamin C, and flavor substances in milk will change.

There are two types of milk, low temperature and low temperature, and low -temperature milk shelf life. If you want to keep its flavor, it is best not to cook.

Finally, there is no fixed best time to drink milk, and generally different needs according to different people.

For example, people with poor stomachs can drink milk one hour before dinner. If you want to make the milk utilization rate of up to one hour, you can choose to drink one hour after dinner. You need to sleep in one hour before bedtime. Drinking milk one hour before exercise can help help. When you raise your muscles, you can drink milk to stop hungry when you are too late.

3. Pay attention to choosing milk, some are fake milk

There are many dairy drinks on the market, but many milk -made drinks cannot supplement nutrition and can only be used as drinks.

1. Breakfast milk

The ingredients of breakfast milk are mainly pure milk, water, sugar, wheat essence, some nutritional reinforcements, edible flavors, etc.

Although there are milk and nutritional reinforcement components, water and sugar are added, which greatly reduces nutritional components, and the content of nutritional enhancers is low. Overall, breakfast milk is also a modulation milk category.

2. Restoration milk

Refidurant milk refers to a drink that made milk into milk powder, and then re -made milk powder into milk. The recovery milk is equivalent to blending milk to reduce milk.

After two high -temperature treatment of restoration milk, some nutrients will be lost. Although the taste is delicious, the quality is relatively poor.

3. Milk -containing drink

Milk -containing beverages are not real milk. In fact, it is a beverage product. Its main component is milk or dairy products, water, acidic tastes, white sugar or sweeteners, flavors and other food additives.

Milk -containing protein and minerals contain less nutrients such as milk than milk. Milk -containing drinks also contain many sugar substances. Drinking often can cause obesity and cause diseases such as dental caries and diabetes. Extension: Children are not long, and may be sexual precocity

In recent years, the topic of maturity has gradually been hotly debated. Many people think that early maturity of children is related to the intake of foods such as honey and milk.

In fact, neither honey and milk will cause precocious puberty. Although milk contains some natural estrogen, its content is not as high as breast milk. In addition to royal jelly in honey, other “hormones” are plant hormones. Botanical hormones can be combined with estrogen receptors in the human body to play a role in estrogen -like.

The hormone content in royal jelly is far lower than that of my country’s sex hormone testing standards of 100.00NG, which is not enough to harm the human body.

The cause of precocious puberty is very complicated. On the one hand, with the popularity of fast food and diet, children are prone to consume a large amount of high -fat foods such as fried, puffed foods, sweets, etc., leading to leverin secretion of fat cells. Essence Excessive intake of fat can also affect estrogen metabolism, which are mechanisms that may involve sexual maturity.

On the other hand, body diseases, environment, genetic genes, nutrition, and information stimulus may be the culprit that causes childhood precocious puberty. Parents need to conduct correct and reasonable sex education for children, pay attention to the development of children, and intervene as soon as possible.


Drinking milk before going to bed is okay for most people, as long as there is no discomfort. In addition, although milk has high nutritional value, drink it properly. When choosing milk, pay more attention to avoid buying “fake milk”.


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