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How big is the gallbladder polyps?What sequelae will leave the gallbladder?Don’t remove it if it is not necessary

Grandma Liu, 83, had a stomach pain two years ago. After going to a local hospital for a doctor, after doing a color Doppler ultrasound, the doctor told Grandma Liu that her gallbladder had a polyps of less than 2 cm.Arrange surgical resection.But Grandma Liu was more traditional and said that she didn’t want to see the blood, so she refused on the spot.During the period, Grandma Liu repeatedly occurred, and the family continued to persuade, but Grandma Liu still insisted on conservative treatment.



In the spring of this year, Grandma Liu had severe abdominal pain again, and even because of pain and coma. The family was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment. After learning about Grandma Liu’s medical history, the doctor suggested that the operation as soon as possible.In the end, Grandma Liu nodded with the persuasion of his family and doctor.After surgery, it was found that in addition to a 2 cm size of stones in the gallbladder of Grandma Liu, it also grew a tumor about the size of eggs, and signs of abdominal wall metastasis had occurred, which was gallbladder cancer.

Grandma Liu did not expect a polyp that had not been treated for 2 years, which caused a serious illness.

1. Will gallbladder polyps cancer?

Gallbladder polyps refer to abnormalities that grow on the inner wall of the gallbladder and protruding from the gallbladder, which can be divided into cholesterol polyps, inflammatory polyps and adenoma polyps.

Under normal circumstances, polyps do not cause symptoms, and clinically evaluate and handle according to polyps:

1. The polyp is less than 5 mm

The diameter of the polyp is <5mm, and the probability of malignant tumors is close to zero. Generally, there is no need to intervene deliberately. Echo the ultrasound examination can be reviewed every 1 to 2 years.

2. 5 mm <ipipipiper Atylery <1 cm

The probability of polyps between 5 and 10mm has a relatively increased probability of malignant tumors, but it is unlikely. It is recommended to perform strict imaging screening.

3. Polypry meat> 1 cm

For polyps> 1cm, the age of age is over 50 years old, a single hair, a more enlargement of polyps or the increase in polyps in the short term, and the probability of developing viciousness is higher. It is recommended to surgery.

If the gallbladder is needed, will it affect the gallbladder?

Wang Wenwen, deputy chief physician of Hainan Cancer Hospital, reminded that the gallbladder is responsible for digestion and operation. When the gallbladder is performed, the gallbladder function disappear, biliary stress disorders, bile reflex, diarrhea and other indigestion symptoms may increase.The danger of colorectal cancer, so surgical treatment must strictly grasp the indication of the bile pocket slicing, and the review must be performed regularly after resection.

2. These symptoms remind you that the gallbladder may have a tumor

During the formation of gallbladder cancer, it will slowly increase the impact on the interior of the gallbladder, thereby aggravating symptoms and letting patients notice obviously different.

1. Abdominal pain

Abdominal pain is a typical symptom of gallbladder cancer. Patients will feel the manifestation of hidden pain and dull pain in the upper abdomen, and sometimes severe pain can also cause radioactive peripheral pain.

2. Jaundice

Bilebal cancer can cause tissue lesions in various bile ducts, causing jaundice. Body skin, eyes, and urine are yellow. Patients can be accompanied by fever, weight loss, and physical weakness.

3, indigestion

Patients with gallbladder cancer affect the operation of the digestive system. Patients will have various indigestion reactions, such as poor appetite, nausea and vomiting, and they can’t afford interest in the original food they like. They have changed significantly in eating habits.

The body’s gallbladder is very small, but it is adjacent to the liver, stomach, pancreas, intestines and other organs.Therefore, once the gallbladder is cancer, it may affect the surrounding organs, and the surgical range is not completely limited to gallbladder.So be sure to protect the gallbladder.

Third, these words appear in color Doppler ultrasound reports, to attract your attention

Color ultrasound inspection of a commonly used non -invasive imaging examination. Grandma Liu in the case discovered polyps through it. It can be suitable for all people. It has no radiation. It can dynamically observe tumor lesions in real time.Check, including gallbladder, pancreas, spleen, uterus, bladder, skin, and even cardiovascular tumors, they can have nowhere to shape.

When you get a color Doppler ultrasound report, you will be paid attention to when you find these words.

1. Rich blood flow

Tumors are not “dead things”, and there are blood flow as other organs. Rich blood flow is not the standard for evaluating tumors and evil, but it has certain reference.For example, common breast fibrous adenomas have abundant blood flow during development, but they are not cancer. The blood flow of thyroid tumors is abundant, but it is benign, and less blood flow is more malignant.

2. Low echo or medium low echo

Low echo or medium low echo, representing solid lumps or cystic mixed masses in ultrasound images, generally do not distinguish between good and evil.However, the hybrid occupation of low echoes, the cysticism and the implementation of the intercourse are unclear, and the internal internal recovery is uniform, which is the possible possible degree of malignant.

3. Irregular form

Irregular morphology is not the characteristics of malignant tumors. There are also a few benign tumors asymmetric, but the malignant is mostly irregular in shape and the boundaries are unclear.

4. The vertical and horizontal ratio is greater than 1

Ultrasonic images cross the surface, and the diameter of the nodule is greater than 1, and the nodule volume is large.

Of course, do n’t be too nervous for color Doppler ultrasound reports, because color Doppler ultrasound is not the main means of cancer diagnosis. It is just as one of the evidence of many support diagnosis. It is used to analyze the highly suspected lesion that is screened by the image and provide a diagnostic idea for doctors.However, the final result also needs to be judged based on pathological results (puncture biopsy).

Ultrasonic examination is not a “one hammer”, but just through the image prompts to determine whether there is a cancer signal, so when you get the “suspicious report”, don’t be too anxious. The final result is based on the judgment of clinicians.Reference materials:

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