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How can a four -month baby learn to turn over

When turning the left, his mother held his left shoulder with his right hand, supported his hips with his left hand, and gently gave him a little strength so that the baby turned over. When turning, pay attention not to move too much or force, so as not to hurt your baby’s arm. Now that our little babies flipped to the left, they should actually let the baby practice on both sides. Next, let’s see how the baby turned to the right. When the child turns into a piercing posture, help the child put his hands as a posture of lying forward, give the child a toy, let the child play on your stomach for a while, and then the parent puts one hand under the child’s breast, let the child stand from the prone lying down from the prone. The posture slowly turned into a posture. Parents should still pay attention to their children’s hands in this process. Be careful not to stay and sprain your child’s arm. When turning over, my mother can also use some pleasant language to stimulate the baby. For example,: “Push, push gently, push it up as soon as you push,” ‘baby is awesome, really can do’. “

The baby has basically learned to turn over, but sometimes he can’t turn it over. At this time, the mother can train him to train. Grasp the baby’s two small ankles with your hands, twist gently, and turn over. In the process of turning, parents must pay attention to the lightness and not sprain the baby’s arm. Some children are better to the left. When they turn right, they will encounter some difficulties. At this time, parents must give a certain force to help the baby practice.

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If the baby turns over and turns very well, then you can let the child practice piercing and turn over (the baby is lying on his stomach, teases him with a toy, so that he can make a little force for the child at the beginning to help him turn around) Parents must protect them at the beginning. When the baby is practicing, the parents can use some toys to tease him. Pay attention to the toys on the baby’s head when they are guided.

Special reminder: Be careful to avoid sprained your baby’s hands and feet when you practice turning over.

(Editor in charge: Jiang Rong)

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