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How can babies wear sick in spring?To do these points, the baby is less “suffering”

Guide expert: Captain Wang Xiaoqin, Deputy Director of the Emergency Department of Yuexiu Emergency Department of Guangdong Maternal and Child Health Hospital

As the saying goes: “Spring covering autumn freezing”, “rather hot, don’t be cold!” Is there a poke? Are you such a parent? Recently, a kindergarten child was rushed to the hot search by grandma wearing 7 layers of clothes and 4 layers of pants. There was a kind of cold grandma who felt that you were cold!

It’s really better to cover it, don’t you get cold? In fact, too much, which affects the heat dissipation of the body, can cause the baby’s body temperature to rise, in a high temperature state. It is in this high temperature state for a long time, which can cause the baby’s unprepared water loss. In severe cases, it can also cause dehydration. , Even more serious consequences.


Wear clothes and wear too little, who said it?

Many parents always give their children to dress their children, or always worry that the child is frozen and blindly keeps him warm. So, who wears too little, who is the final say?

Generally speaking, for babies within 1 year old, the foundation is strong and has a lot of heat. It can be worn more than adults. If adults wear short sleeves, babies can wear a long sleeve. If you are afraid of your baby, you are afraid of your baby. Cold, you can add vests or small bellybands.

Children within 1-3 years old are lively and active, and the basic metabolic rate is higher, which is easier to sweat than adults. Children at this age can express their own feelings. There are less. After getting up in the morning, parents can compare the weather forecast with the previous day. If the temperature changes greatly, there is no need to add clothes easily, and wear too much. After sweating, it is more likely to cold. After the baby exercises, about 10 minutes, parents can observe the child’s situation. If the complexion is rosy and the underwear is dry, it proves that the clothes are properly dressed.


Season with large temperature differences in day and night, parents can adopt the “onion” dressing method, that is, do not wear a particularly thick clothes. You can choose a few layers of clothes to facilitate the timely change of temperature or according to the child’s activity. Adjustment of increasing clothing. The “onion -style” dressing method, that is, the clothes that are closely inside can choose the cotton clothes that are breathable and sweat -absorbing, the middle layer is warm clothes, and the outer layer of clothes can choose a different thickness jacket according to the temperature of the temperature. Wind -resistant waterproof effect.

Did you wear enough clothes? Where do you touch it?

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Children’s clothes are worn enough. Many parents are habitually touching their children’s hands and feet. They feel that their hands and feet are hot, so they are enough. In fact, because the small end of the baby is slightly worse, the hands and feet will be slightly cooler, so it is unreliable to touch your hands and feet! To judge whether the child is suitable for wearing, we can touch the child’s neck and back with our hands. If the neck and back are warm, the dress is appropriate. If the neck and back are moist, it means that it is too much to cover it.

In short, when we wear more and wear less, the baby will make the final say. Parents must not blindly “cover” or “freezing” the baby blindly. Remember “if you want children to be safe, three -point hunger and cold.”

(Correspondent: Lin Huifang)

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