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How can children add supplementary food scientifically before children?

For newborn babies rely on breast milk and other milk to supplement the body’s nutrition, but with the needs of development after the full moon, simple milk feeding can no longer meet nutritional needs. Generally speaking, it is more suitable for babies to start adding supplementary foods in 4 to 6 months, but the addition of supplementary food before the age of 1 will also be different.


1. It is advisable to add supplementary food for the first time.

For the first time to feed the supplementary food for the baby, it is best to feed the baby with a small spoon after feeding in the morning. At this time, the baby is more alert and willing to accept new things. It is best to add a small amount of vegetable juice or fruit juice to the baby at first. When the baby adapts, the second type will begin. Generally, it is not advocated that the meat food is added prematurely, and the total amount of starch (porridge, rice paste, noodles, etc.) added every day should not exceed 50 grams. In each meal of complementary foods, the types of food should not be more than 2, avoiding too much diet to cause the baby’s discomfort or anorexia. It can usually be divided into two meals. Before making fruit mud, be sure to peel, steam or cook. Avoid eating flour foods that can easily cause allergies.

2. Add paste -like supplementary food after 7 months of teeth

The baby has begun to grow teeth and can eat a lot of things, and 1/3 of the nutrients needed every day from the body comes from supplementary food. At this stage, breast milk (or other dairy products) is fed twice to three times a day, and two supplementary foods are performed after a short period of time after feeding milk. Supplementary foods gradually change from mud to thick paste, such as custard, crushing tofu, crushing green vegetables, meat pine, etc. In the supplementary food added every day, vegetables are indispensable foods, such as tomatoes, fruits, etc. Egg custard transitions from half an egg to the whole.

At this stage, mothers should pay attention not to add seasonings prematurely, so as not to prevent the baby’s taste development, and do not make the food too fine, so that the baby will lose the ability to train and swallow.

3. It is best to add a bit of fragmented and supplementary food for 10 months

After 10 months to 1 year old, pay attention to the balance of nutrients. At this time, the baby has grown several breasts, and it is more appropriate to add fine -like food with biting energy, such as small pieces of meat or fish, cut into slices or shredded vegetables. Every time you eat a small bowl of supplementary foods, you should start training your baby to eat and chew, which helps the baby’s upper and lower jaws and brain development.

The time for supplementary food can be consistent with the three meals of adults, add a meal at 10 am in the morning and evening. The content of eating can be supplemented by three meals and two meals. If the baby eats well, change the one -meal milk to supplementary food to avoid affecting the baby’s food supplementary food. The content of supplementary food is thick porridge, mud or fragmented vegetables, custard, rotten noodles, minced tofu, minced meat or liver mud, etc.

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