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How can I have shingles so fast

The treatment of shingles requires antiviral drugs according to the actual situation. Agelovir is the most common one.Secondly, you need to choose some drugs that relieve the symptoms of neuralgia. The more common ones are Anto and Aspirin.

1. Anti -virus treatment: Symptoms of shingles appear, do not use skin medicine -related drugs casually.First of all, you need to go to the hospital for relevant examinations. You need to understand the type of virus in the patient’s body.Doctors may treat antiviral treatment based on the results of the examination. They can avoid the continued copying and development of the virus. They can also control the condition of shingles. It will also help the relief of the symptoms and reduce the pain.2. Treatment of neuralgia: Zeds that shingles can damage the nervous system inside the skin, so many people will have neuralgia problems.In the case of false time, shingles are controlled and improved, and the sequelae of neuralgia will still appear in life.So you need to choose the symptomatic drug to relieve the symptoms of pain.Commonly used drugs for the treatment of shingles neuralgia include Anear, aspirin, ibuprofen, etc.You can also use a local method to relieve pain. For example, hepat liver washing liquid, you need to use three to five times a day, or you can use physical methods to improve the symptoms of pain.

Sons of shingles is a skin damage caused by the re-activation of the chickenpox in the human body-the zoster virus reorganization. It is characterized by a band-shaped clustering blisters on the side of the body or face, accompanied by local pain.Elderly people, trauma patients, or long -term use of immunosuppressive agents, or other low immunohistic functions are susceptible to this disease.Although shingles are rarely endangered, it will be very painful.Vaccine can reduce the risk of shingles, and early treatment can help reduce the chance of shingles infection and reduce complications.After the disease is cured, patients can get lasting immunity and generally do not recur, but a few patients can have shingles many times.

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