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How can young people cause hypertension

Young people are generally caused by high -salt diet, bad habits, staying up late, obesity and mental tension.

1. High -salt diet: Among the common factors of young people suffering from high blood pressure, high -salt diet ranks first.Too much sodium can cause sodium water retention, leading to increased blood vessel capacity, and causeing blood pressure to increase.2. Bad habits: For example, smoking and drinking, tobacco’s harm to blood vessels mainly comes from nicotine.Nicotine can cause blood vessel smooth muscle contraction and cause blood pressure to rise.Alcohol can cause arteriosclerosis, reduce blood vessel elasticity, and cause hypertension.3. Staying up late: Staying up late is the phenomenon that many young people will have now.Young people stay up late to work, stay up late to play games, stay up late to chat.Staying up late often leads to insufficient sleep, cause nerve excitement and blood vessel shrinkage, causes blood pressure to rise, and leads to hypertension.4. Obesity: Obesity and overweight are also important factor in hypertension.Obesity causes metabolic disorders in the body, accumulation of fat, and blood vessels, which leads to increased blood pressure.5, mental tension: stress and mental tension are the main causes of hypertension.Stress and mental tension can also cause sympathetic nerve excitement, and vascular contraction can cause increased blood pressure.Young people can usually be treated by drug treatment, other treatment and living conditioning.Young people can use some drugs to regulate blood pressure under the guidance of doctors, such as Metolol, Betholol and other drugs, which can slow the heart rate and inhibit myocardial contractility.If young people are accompanied by abnormal blood lipids, this situation is more serious and need to be appropriately reduced.If young people have diabetes, they need to control blood sugar.If it is accompanied by ischemia and cerebrovascular diseases, drugs such as aspirin can be used for anti -platelet aggregation treatment.

It is recommended that young people should pay attention to: First, to maintain emotional stability, optimism, and bad emotions such as anger, laughter, and quarrels can cause blood pressure to rise.Secondly, life must be regular, ensure adequate sleep time, and cannot stay up late.In addition, quit smoking and drinking if necessary.In addition, try to drink less coffee and strong tea, and eat some light nutrients.

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