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How did girls discover that boys are derailed?The most scientific explanation comes

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Humans have a mysterious power


When you go out and feel weird

The probability is to bring something less

I always feel that the teacher should order you to answer questions in class

I will order you next second

I feel that I will be late the next day the next day

No doubt that I was late

The sixth sense, what is going on?

Generally speaking

There are only five senses of people’s senses

But the continuous progress of the current era

Scientist discovery

In addition to five basic feelings

People actually exist for the sixth sense

Also known as “Super Sensor Perception” (ESP) or “Mind”

The sixth sense of the past and this life

In the process of evolution of human beings for millions of years

I have long had the ability to perceive some things

Deeply engraved in my mind

Biologists call “adaptability”


This adaptability can make people

To a certain degree of “unknown prophets”

To avoid damage

American scientists have been studied confirmed by research

The human brain does exist

A special area with early warning

This area can monitor changes in the external environment

And send an early warning signal for the situation

Reduce dangerous situations


Some professional training

When they are facing some emergency situations

You can make decisions without thinking

Often originated from the rich experience in the past

Convert to judgment and decision -making

Because after people repeatedly obtain relevant experience

The brain will automatically deal with experience

This affects our decisions

Psychologists think

The sixth sense belongs to a kind of subconscious

This information has been stored in the brain for many years

Although we have never noticed

But when encountering something

Similar information in the brain search subconscious

At this time, the sixth sense suddenly appeared in my mind

The magical sixth sense is always “heavy girl light men”

Although there are men and women in the sixth feeling

But the sixth feeling of girls

Often comparable to Holmes

Why is the sixth sense of girls scary?

1. Differences in brain structure

The left and right brains of the person are connected by a tadpole body

It has the function of coordinating brain function

Women’s bodies are thicker than men

Can process multiple information at the same time

When a girl is talking to you

Not only can accept and process your conversation information

You can also use your body language at the same time

Interpret the subconscious you conveyed

And the problem of men’s thinking is one by one

You can only do one thing at a time

So it’s easy to ignore the details

2. Hormon is weird

Women are in the period of 4 physiological changes

It will secrete a hormonal


This hormonal will make women

In a state that is easy to receive intuition

3. Different way of thinking

The division of the left and right brains of people is different

Scientist discovery

This connection difference

Make women be responsible for logic and intuition capabilities stronger

Men are more inclined to discover problems


Scientists for “sixth sense”

Still in the exploration stage

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