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How did vaginitis come from

The cause of vaginitis may be sexual interference, not paying attention to personal hygiene, and other reasons.

1. Sexual life infection: In the same room, if there are bacteria on the male genitals, or the male foreskin is too long, the germs may be brought into the vagina by the same room, which causes vaginitis.In addition, often the same room can also damage the vaginal endometrial protective layer, reduce the resistance to bacteria, and cause vaginitis.2. Do not pay attention to vaginal hygiene: Do not pay attention to the hygiene of the vagina, and do not pay attention to the hygiene of the vagina, which can also cause vaginitis.3. Other reasons: In addition to the above reasons, factors such as the imbalance of acid -base and alkali in the vagina and low body immunity can also lead to vaginitis.

Women must maintain personal cleaning and hygiene in daily life, protect them in the same room, and maintain good living habits and improve their body’s immunity.

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