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How do women measure their “bust size” correctly?Don’t be shy, more healthy after understanding

July 2012

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Google TargetMap posted one

Global women’s average chest size distribution map

35,000 years ago

East Asians had a genetic mutation

A section of the gene called EDAR

A mutant unit called V370A appeared

It directly makes us special

Shovel -shaped incisor

Thicker hair, more dense sweat glands

as well as

More mini chest

This mutation makes the breasts of East Asian women more dense

Compressed fat density

As a result, the proportion of flat chest becomes higher

Except for genetic reasons

Life habits in the day after tomorrow

It will also affect the size of the chest

Let’s shift our eyes to Japan, which belongs to East Asia

There is a variety show

Investigate the size of the bust of all Japanese women

turn out

The smallest bust of women in Saitama Prefecture

to this end

The program group launched a further investigation

According to data from the General Affairs and Provincial Bureau of Statistics

Sleeping time of Saitama Women’s High School Students

The shortest in the country

And the cost of their spending in the tuition class

But the highest in the country

To know

The development of the chest is affected by multiple hormones

For example, gonadotropin, prolactin, progesterone, etc.

Under their common normal effect

Development can be sufficient and perfect

However, I sleep at night

It is a peak period for the body’s multiple hormones

Will be directly affected by lack of sleep

(Picture source network)

Another influencing factor is stress

Pressure can excite the thyroid gland

Causes cortisol to rise

Accelerate fat burning


It is one of the easiest parts to lose fat

TargetMap’s chest size distribution map

In fact, it is a user named “Yarkko”

Uploaded alone 10 years ago

No data support

In the past ten years

This ranking has been spread and fermented by countless people

Evolve into recognized “facts”

Although this result is in line with the impression of many of us

But the fact is

Asian women’s bust may be bigger than you think

Shanghai University of Engineering and Technology School of Clothing

Investigation of 404 women found out

Only 50.7%of women give the correct bra

Inappropriate bra

It will cause a variety of health problems


In order to choose the suitable bra

Everyone must learn to measure the bust correctly

The correct way to measure bust

First measure the upper circumference

In three different treatments

Take the average value as the upper circumference

Measure the surrounding

Inhale and exhale respectively during measurement

Take the average value of the two measures as the lower circumference

at last

Upper circumference -Xiawei = Base difference

What’s more?


Testing the upper circumference 83, Xiawei 70

Then 83-70 = 13

Get 13 margins, corresponding to C cups

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