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How do you know your ovulation period

Adult women will have a physiological period, and the physiological period includes menstruation and ovulation. In the middle of two menstrual periods, there is a period of ovulation. The chances of healthy men and women will have a great chance of conceiving, but many young couples want a child after marriage but do not know how to determine the time of ovulation. So today, let ’s take you to understand how to know your ovulation period?

Want to know that your ovulation period is not difficult. You can use the traditional ovulation period calculation method. The ovulation period usually starts about one week after menstruation, but the ovulation period does not mean that ovulation will be ovulated immediately. Due to the different constitutions of each person, there will be some small differences. Most women with normal health will ovulation between ten and fourteen days at the end of the menstruation. After the ovulation starts, women usually have some symptoms, such as The amount of leucorrhea increases, and the vaginal discharge becomes transparent and viscous, and the brushes will be brushed. There are also some special -constituted women who will ovulation, that is, the process of the follicles discharge. The ovaries will have a brief tenderness. You can conceive in the same room within two days.

If you do n’t use this method, it does n’t matter. You can use the ovulation test paper for testing. The use of ovulation test paper and early pregnancy test paper. First of all Test between them, receive your urine in the cup during test, and then take out the ovulation test paper and insert one end of the right arrow into the urine. It shows that ovulation is about to begin. If the test paper shows weak positive, it means that the ovulation is over, and the follicles are still in the female body. The same room will increase the chance of conception in the same room two days after ovulation.

After reading the introduction above, I believe everyone knows how to know their ovulation period? I hope that all female friends can know what kind of method can use to determine their ovulation time. When the pregnancy effect is good, try not to do sex before ovulation day, so that the sperm quality can be higher.

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